Advanced Gene Editor request to increase ease of Modding

Highly important for modding datasets!!!

Please add the ability in the Advanced Gene Editor to Copy all the data from a previous dataset (My current modded data containing only the current civs) and Paste all of the data into the new dataset.(The new dataset containing all of the latest civs /DLC)

This will allow for much faster and less laborious setup / creation /expansion of visual data set mods after the reliece of new DLCs.


This feature is already there I believe.You can open another window once the base one is opened.

It is currently to laborious to do this, you have to copy 10 unit files at a time, and you have to do every civ individually lest it errors.
I want one botton that coppies the entire Dataset (Graphics data and Unit data ) and then pastes it into the new data set without incorrectly overriding certain allocated slots.


You can copy-paste the entire dataset with one button. But you are most likely going to crash the game once you are loading it. You can Insert Copies and Insert New empty slots (that should not be overwritten). It sounds like you are not looking for a merging tool, but rather a compare IDs and if else then replace function of sorts.

That being said I do not think AGE current updater is associated with FE. You can follow the megathread on AOKH.,,,30&st=665