Advanced Genie Editor prerequisite buildings bugged

So I’ve recently been building a personal balance mod using Advanced Genie Editor. For a while, everything was functioning fine when I used it in-game. But now something happened where, when playing the mod, it won’t recognize that prerequisite buildings have been built. I can have a Stable and Archery Range, but it won’t let me advance to Castle Age and will say I don’t have the necessary buildings. Or even if I have a Blacksmith, it won’t let me build a Siege Workshop.

I didn’t even know any of this could be altered in Genie Editor, so I don’t know how I messed it up or where to begin looking to fix it. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Couple of things you need to check. The different prerequisite buildings will all trigger a tech, make sure it’s set to the proper one. The techs tab should all have a tech to be triggered for those buildings, and in the techs you can’t research (and the ones that unlock later buildings), make sure that the perquisite techs are configured properly. Here’s an example:

The blacksmiths all trigger a tech called “shadow blacksmith”

Just check that this one exists, it should be basically empty

Check the required techs to unlock the next building/tech

And make sure that some of those require the “shadow” tech, like this

That should cover it, hopefully it makes sense.

I think I have it fixed now. I know I had accidentally inserted a tech or effect somewhere that messed a bunch of things up; I had already gotten the effects lined back with their corresponding techs, but didn’t realize I’d also screwed up required techs. Fixing that also cleared up this issue. But thanks for the explanation–I hadn’t noticed how all the buildings related to each other in the techs tab before. That’s handy to know.