Advices of rework Asain units.Asian should rework in the future

I realized my adviced is a little radical,but I still think Asian should have something new and something based on prejudice and stereotypes should be changed in the future.


First,sorry for my poor English.
Many of their units is based on prejudice and stereotypical(such as flying crow,siege elephant and sowar,etc.),they should be replaced by the units more representative and more realistic units.I have some advices for it,only for reference.

Chinese can send a card called “Westernization Movement” in age 4(cost 1000 gold),it will replace ancient artilleries with modern units(Shenwei General cannon will replace Flamethrower,it is a kind of artillery similar to Falconet but cheaper and weaker;Weiyuan General Mortar will replace HandMortar,it is stronger than the HandMortar but it will cost 3 pops;Krupp Field Cannon will replace the Flying Crow,it has 28 range,have a good fire rate but weaker to the Heavy cannon,cost 6 pops.The Confucian Academy will no longer automaticly train Flying Crow,train or send card of Krupp Field Cannon will cost gold,The Confucian Academy can research a technology called “revivalism”,it can make the banners cheaper and weaker).This card will also send a wagon,it can be deploy to Training Ground,it can only keep on Training Ground at the same time but if it has been destoryed by the enemies,it can be rebuild by Villagers.This place can train Xiang Army(composed of New Army private and New Army Mauser Gunman),Huai army(composed of New Army Mauser Gunman and New Army Field cavalry),Gan Army(composed Gansu hui army and New Army Field cavalry),and the Krupp Field Cannon.
The New Army private is a kind of musketeer,New Army Mauser Gunman(they use Gewehr 1888,not Gewehr 1898.It is called Mauser 1888 in China just because some cunning businessmen,lol) is a kind of skirmisher,New Army Field cavalry is a kind of dragoon but stronger then the normal dragoon,Gansu hui army is a short range,less damage skirmisher but have a Terrifying melee damage.All units trained in the Training Ground will cost gold and export.The Training Ground has a technology called “Xiaozhan military training”(cost 1000 export and 1000 gold),it will make the units trained in the Training Ground cost much more gold and food instead of cost export,this technology will also make the Training Ground train unit separate,no longer in a group,and this technology will make this units stronger.The Chinese can train Ironclad after sent this card.

Japanese can send a card called "Shoin Yoshida” in age 4(cost 1000 gold),it will make the "Meiji restoration"cost 1000 gold and 1000 export.After Meiji restoration,the town center will have two new technology called “Shokusann Kougyou” and "Meiji Military Reform“(both of the two technologies will cost resources),the “Shokusann Kougyou” will make villager collect resource significantly faster but decrease their hitpoint.The "Meiji Military Reform“ will make all the ancient units become modern units.Yumi Archer will become Saga repeating rifleman(skirmisher), Ashigaru Musketeer will become Jotouhei(musketeer),Samurai will become Batoutai(melee unit), Naginata Rider will become Toyo cavalry(similar to Hussar),Yabusame will become Saga Carbine Cavalry.Flaming Arrow will become Armstrong field cannon(similar to light cannon,but fire faster and the range is 30 not 32),Morutatu will become “Baby of Osaka”(similar to the Mortar but can cause devastating damage to infantry,cost 6 pops).Daimyo will become General(Iwao Oyama,Maresuke Nogi,Gentaro Kodama and Aritomo Yamagata,similar to the War of Liberty).The Japanese can train Sloop and Steamer after research "Meiji Military Reform“.

Indian can send a card called “Mughal Military Reform” in age 4(cost 500 gold).It can make the ancient units become modern units.Rajput will become Nagas(melee unit),Sepoy will become Bengal musketeer,Gurkha will become Hillmen Light Infantry(skirmisher). Caravanserai will no longer train camels and elephants,they will have Ahadi(similar to Cuirassier but they are weaker and cheaper,cost 2 pops) and Wala Shahi(similar to the Ruyter but they are stronger).indian can train and upgrade elephant in Castle, Flail Elephant will become zarb zan(similar to the Catbang cannon but can cause more damage to the buildings,cost 3 pops),Siege Elephant will become to the Fath Gusha(it is a kind of Heavy Cannon weaker then the Siege Elephant when fight against artilleries and buildings but stronger then the Siege Elephant when fight against infantry,cost 6 pops).All of those new units will have their own mansabdars.


@MatM1996 @SirBarnzy1 @M1kazuki6861 @ArrivedLeader22
Friends,I beg for your ideas.

I died by your wall of text

Edit: for the Chinese you don’t need a card called westernisation movement we already have the age IV card “western reforms”.

The card that would be better suited for your westernisation (for units) would be the age IV card “ever victorious army”.

I guess they will use the Mauser 98, I don’t know about that one. I would like it if we try to limit the things we have in the game around the 20th century, because as far as I know the Mauser was invented in the year 1898.

I’ll come back later for the other things

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Sorry for my poor English again.

No,they use Gewehr 1888,not Gewehr 1898.It is called Mauser 1888 in China just because some cunning businessmen,lol.

Riddle me this: Why would the chinese “unique” units be german?


Because it’s called Westernisation.


That’s a really lame excuse. It’s the chinese civilization, give them actual chinese units.

Like it’s palpable that very little thought was put into these redesigns, there’s nothing archaic about the Sepoy or the Gurkha, he’s just giving the units generic convoluted names for no reason.

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adding weapons from european nations those nations dont even have is a bit extreme, i know there has been a “tech-creep” for units going on in the game but still a modern repeating riffle is perhaps a bit much, this is WW1 tech. its a couple of decades ahead of other tech we see in game, its like having a smartphone in a game or show about the 1980s.

i also gotta be asking: why? why do these faction need more modern tech? is it because they are bad? (doubt it), is it because this is some really cool tech they developed or used (not really).

the asian civs as are, are some of the most interesting and fun factions to play, why do they need to be changed? and for what reason?


Just like Yihetuan and Nianjun cavalry you add in WOL mod?lol.Yihetuan is just cult and Nianjun cavalry is rebel forces.
That’s totally prejudice and stereotypes,may be in your eyes we are ignorant so you add such units for us.

Infact everyone in China knows the New Army.It has shown us saved our adamant,also for Japanese and Indian,they are adamant too.Although you are a famous modder,I still want to tell you stop your prejudice and stereotypes.

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Just because I want to show the modernization of our Asian,and we want to show the adamant of our Asian,not only for our Chinese,but also for our neighbors,Japanese and Indian.And the Gewehr 1888,Armstrong field cannon is not the weapon of WWI,lol.If you have better ideas for Asian modernization,I beg for it.

It is true for Flying Crow,they are too slow,their speed should be 3.5,lol.

Just because so many Asian units based on prejudice and stereotypes.For example,Flying Crow is not the major artillery in both the era of Ming and Qing.Just because it is funny and cool,it has been the heavy artillery of China.Infact the real Chinese heavy cannon in history is this,Invincible General Cannon.

Yihetuan is just cult and Nianjun cavalry is rebel forces.

You are aware that adding rebel forces to the main roster of civs isn’t something we did only with China, right?

Like sure, China wasn’t well researched in Wars of Liberty, as we tried to match the OG unit roster one to one, but what you’re proposing here isn’t showing a modern China, it’s mostly just showing a China incapable of producing their own armament, is that really better than rebel units?

Infact the real Chinese heavy cannon in history is this,Invincible General Cannon.

Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, you should add these real China heavy cannons instead of german guns that for some reason Germany itself doesn’t get?

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Wars of Liberty also has a way to pop up a blue skinned god for Indians who kills everyone with laser the last time I played.
It’s very prejudicial mod man.

No. Absolutely not. The things you mentioned have exceeded the limits of the gaming era, The new army of the Qing Dynasty did not appear until 1895. and this idea is subversive to Chinese and Japanese designs. I suggest you come up with some reasonable and feasible suggestions instead of unrealistic fantasies.

In addition, as a Chinese, I do not think that adding New-army to the game can reflect the so-called “firmness” of the Chinese people. And most people don’t know anything about the New Army, unless they are interested in early modern Chinese history. In comparison, the Boxer Rebellion is more familiar to Chinese people, because it is something that is highlighted in middle school history textbooks.


Although my advices are a little radical,I still consider that something prejudice and stereotypes should be changed in the future such as flying crow,siege elephant etc.
If you have something better about it,I beg for it.

Just like early edition War of Liberty.Brazil and even Haiti can build Krupp Field Cannon just because they have German immigrants,but Germany itself can’t build it,just like my advice,lol

Have you heard an old saying,“师夷长技以制夷”,it means “Learn the enemies advanced technologies and use those technologies defeat them”,old man.

Lol,although War of Liberty is a very good mod,it is a very prejudice and stereotypical mod,
When the first time I saw this tech in the temple,even if I am not an Indian,I still feel embarrassed.That is completely discrimination.
But I think most discrimination,prejudice and stereotypes civ is Romanian in the early edition,they even have undead unit!That made me very angry.

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Seeing the great almighty god-of-mod who made an even more stereotypical version of Chinese in his mods, suddenly turned more Chinese nationalist than any Chinese just because you proposed an European-named unit, is such a sight…

Disclaimer: I also think Krupp cannon is not a good idea. It’s too late in the timeline.

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I think it is a little radical too,but the Chinese army use many German weapons in the late 19 century.

I still think something prejudice and stereotypes should be replaced in the future,lol.

At least the consulate should produce Westernized units, instead of actual Westerners.


I support it.My friend hahaha.