African civs you'd like to see

So the two revieled African civs look brilliant, Husa and Ethiopia, I am elated and highly excited to fight in Africa.
Seeing these additions I do hope we get more and would like to hear your Ideas , currently I really hope we get 3 civs, or at least 2 now and another free challenge unlocable civ soon thereafter.

African Civs/content I would love to see added:


As a citizen of South Africa, I want the Zulu civ to be added, which will allow you to fight as the British and Dutch+French , expanding ever northward from Cape Town all the way into Kenya, fighting and befriending the native peoples and encountering formidable foes such as the Zulu whom have strong, fast melee spear infantry called the Impi.

Intense battles of the Zulus:

  1. Battle of Isandlwana - Zulu vs British
    Battle of Isandlwana
    2.Battle of Bloed Rivier (Blood River)

Slag van Bloed Rivier
Another epic battle that took place against my ancestors, Dutch+French Settlers against the Zulu.

I have been to both Battlefields, Isondwala+Bloed Rivier. I have been to many battlefields actually as well as Dinganestad, the city where King Dingane ,Shakas brother murdered him as well as murdered a substantial amount of the Voortrekker leaders (Dutch leaders) under a banner of truce.
Piet Retief Delegation Massacre Dinganestad

2.Morocco / Barbary state.

I look forward to fighting on African maps with added animals such as Lions, zebra and Elephants + hogs that attack villagers that shoot at them and don’t merely run away. Also add predatory animals that are not connected to treasures. For instance lions that roam the plains and attack lone ,unsuspecting settlers.

Then after this sensational DLC, I would love to fight in the deserts/mountains of the Middle East. Fighting as Napoleon in Egypt or as the Ottomans fighting against the Tuareg, Arabs and Afghans.

Hense I hope for Africa civs 2 payed + 1 challenge unlock civ.
And for the ME 2 civs payed + 1 challenge unlock civ.


i frankly dont want Zulus, they are simply to 1 dimensional. i expect to see them as a native ally with Impa as a recruitable unit.

Morocco i could see, not least because they probably had the strongest navy in the continent and obviously they have skirmish heavy units like berber cavalry.


Well if they saw fit to add the Huron, then the Zulu most certainly have validity to be added as a major civ.

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I’d love to see Ashanti, Kongolese, Yoruba and Sudanese.


All of those seem excillent! I do concur.


Kingdom of Mutapa

I think it’s a good alternative for Zulus :wink:


Zulu would be way cooler and interesting than Moroccans in my eyes. Zulu Impis and architecture is very recognizable too. That’s why they went with Lakota and not Inca when “The Warchiefs” first launched too.


I think it’s more likely to be Moroccans but zulu are cool too


Moroccans are the only logical third choice, but Zulu might get the spot instead due to it being recognizable and famous in pop culture. Those are the only African civs that should get in before more historically significant civs from other continents such as the Italians or Persians.


And for what reason Italians are so historically significant?

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I see Zulus being introduced as a minor civ with impas and a unique architecture for their settlements, not because they are not deserving but because Morocco or the Swahil had more contact with asian and middle eastern nations in this period.


Swahili? No, please. They were conquered in the very early of 16th century.

I mean… to be fair both Aztecs and Incas were also conquered very early on 16th century… and they are both in the game.


Swahili was conquered in 1505, it is worse than Aztecs or even worse than Incas and Omani can easily include 1-2 Swahili units.


it would be really cool if he added desert maps, savannas and forests and many native allies to fight the cause, and animals to hunt and tame


the reason they went with Lakota is because they wanted an arch type cavalry civ.

Inca probably was originally planed (notice that the factions that got promoted all had 2 units, inca was the only 1 not getting in).

Well all of them eventually fell to European / US power at some point.
But inca and aztecs had some regional influence, Maya or other pop requests were basically irelavant or just vassals to the aztecs / inca.

IMO it makes more sense to be Moroccans, because they interacted with the European nations since antiquity, they are essentially a proxy state of Europe, as much as the UK / British are but with much less influence.


The Incas were not conquered in 1532, with Francisco Pizarro. The Inca empire was gigantic! Several peoples declared independence, previously conquered enemy peoples united with the Spaniards, much of the empire fragmented and there was a short period of obedience from the remaining provinces to the Spaniards controlling an Inca puppet, but soon Manqu Capac escaped from the Spaniards and led the faithful provinces. against the Spaniards, having fled to Vilkabamba, who ruled the territories faithful to the Incas, which were gradually conquered, or surrendered to the Spaniards. The Incas were conquered in 1572, under Francisco de Toledo, when Vilcabamba, the last capital of the decaying Inca state, was conquered and the Inca Túpac Amaru was executed.


definitely the Berbers


I presume the Berbers evolved into the Tuareg, thus they can be as one civ.

One of many dessert civs that I wish to see.

Tuareg and Berbers can be the same civ but I think Morocco could be a civ on their own.
Morocco + Barbary pirates could form one civ.

I was thinking that the Tuareg could have Mamlukes in the stable as well as Wheel lock musket firing infantry and Camelry as well as melee Camelry .with shipping cards that allows them to receive altiliry from European / ottoman allies. With cheap , fast creating Berber tents as houses and Town centres ,to make them mobile and flexible.

Houses and TC have low HP but can be rapidly reconstructed in a new area.

So you will have to conduct a pincer movement in order to successfully rout and defeat them. Remaining weary of being outflanked by their camels and cavalry.