African Expansion DLC | Ethiopia + Hausa | New mechanics to the game

I hope you guys find this video really interesting, I’ve done some interesting research and found some cool info based on the leaked pictures on African civilizations.


I wonder what other African civs will appear in the game.

Ethiopians and Hausa are confirmed.

Are Berbers in Historical Battles based on Morocco civ? Or are they, unfortunately, only the Ottomans after the Berber Revolution?

What will happen to the Somalis? Does it appear in the DLC? Or maybe they will appear in the game as a free civ in order to get acquainted with the African mechanics?

If we see African civs only in DLC, I expect 4 civs in it. It is also possible that we will get 2-3 civs for free in the update, and a DLC with 3-4 African civs. Certainly the developers intend to balance the number of African civs with the numbers of other non-European regions. Asians can get 2-3 new civs, Americans too. That’s why I’m expecting 5-7 African civs in AoE 3 (2-3 free and 3-4 in DLC).


Some people were also expecting Songhai or Malians, but those are way too Medieval.

Hausa are a good choice.

Probably a Minor Settlement, which would make sense, because Somalia’s powerful period was in the Middle ages.

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Civs in DLC:

  1. Ethiopians
  2. Hausa
  3. Moroccans?
  4. Congolese?

Free civs in update:

  1. Somalians?
  2. Zulu?
  3. Zimbabwe?

I woud rather have Zulus or Omani, than Congolese.
The Congo spent the entire timeframe being a colonial domain of one European power or another.

Can Hausa civ represent his region, and be instead of Songhai or Malians ???

I mean, that green flag is literally the Hausa flag.

Songhai and Malians were completely destroyed and colonized by Moroccans, close to the beggining of the timeframe.
Moroccans, as the Colonial Power civ, will likely just represent the whole non-Ottoman North Africa, and West Africa, perhaps with some Touareg units thrown in, for good measure.

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So you think AoE 3 doesn’t need Songhai and Mali?

Is Hausa enough for West Africa?

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Hausa are from all over West Africa, specially Nigeria.

I actually do not think Mali or Songhai need to be in AoE3, except as Minor civs, because they were conquered peoples in this game’s timeframe, and there are actually better civs (conquerors) to add in, like Moroccans, Zulus and Omani.

I would not complain if we got Songhai or Malians, or Congolese, but to be honest, I would rather have the civs that conquered them, and those that resisted conquest.

Ethiopians - East Africa
Hausa - West Africa
Zulu? - South Africa
Moroccans? and the Ottomans - North Africa

These civs could match the African DLC.

4 new African civs in DLC.

Free civs to get acquainted with the mechanics of African civs could be:
Mutapa, Congolese and maybe Mamluk/Sudan?

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Maybe they add them as natives inside the new maps

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Perhaps Omani would be better in the Asian DLC?
Although, on the whole, they may suit Africa.

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Well, i hope small and non-period important civs like Somalians, Touareg, Congolese or Swahili do make it in as Minor Settlements.


Overall, Somalis cannot be civ because they use Ethiopian buildings in Historical Battles. Maybe there will only be a Minor Nation?

Well, the Somalian Arqubusier, a Musketeer variant, would actually be quite unique among other Native gunpowder units, since most of them tend to be Skirmisher variants, not Musketeers.


Persians, Omani and Siamese - new Asian civs?

What could the fourth civ be like, for Asia?


Perhaps it would not be an Asian civ, but the Maori, which would be awsome, and I would love a Battle of Gate Pa, Historical Battle.

Or maybe it would just be the boring Koreans some people want.

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I think Maori could be a small DLC (just like the US … but unfortunately it would probably not be popular). They would be cool, but there were more interesting civs in Asia. Koreans would be cooler.

Maori is probably easiest to be a Minor Nation.

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Bruh, Maori are very popular wher I am from (but then again, we do have an affinity for island peoples).
Jade weapons and Sharktooth blades, would be really cool to get in the game, along with their famous Waka canoes.

Would likely be really cheap to make too.

Korea did absolutely nothing in this timeframe, except get invaded and saved by foreign powers

They could be like USA civ. Obtained in the challenge for free or as a tiny DLC.

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