African Expansion DLC | Ethiopia + Hausa | New mechanics to the game

The third Africa civ ought to be the Moroccans I think. Easy choice. Omani if we include the middle east.

DLC civs:

  1. Ethiopians
  2. Hausa
  3. Moroccans?
  4. Mutapa?

Free update civs:

  1. Congolese?
  2. Mamluk/Sudan?

It seems to me that this is the most realistic scenario.

The Mutapa Empire covered areas of South Africa (now modern day Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and RSA). I think it’s a good candidate for a civ.

We can get 2 civs for free for testing.

Congo could be an interesting civ. It also fits as a free civ.

Mamluk / Sudan one of these civs could appear as a free civ to represent Northeast Africa. It seems that North Africa deserves 2 civs - Moroccans and Mamluk or Sudan.

I wonder if the Zulu would really fit the civ. I think they could be a Minor Nation with two Units.
Mutapa may be a better civ for representing South Africa than Zulu.

Why the rectangular flag of Ethiopia the same as Bolivia? :thinking:

The Ethiopian one came first. It is Bolivia’s flag that is the same as Ethiopia’s.

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But Modern Day Ethiopia flag is green-yellow-red :ethiopia:. When did it change?

Turns out this is wrong. Bolivia :bolivia: adopted its flag in 1851. Ethiopian pennant with red, yellow & green was adopted in 1881. Ethiopia changed to green, yellow, red in 1914.

historical accuracy went out the window the moment they added USA into the game.

Bro Korea did more than Maori did during that time frame.
You just hating on Korea for nothing
And had canons, and iron weapons.
And BTW don’t act like as if you know everything on history… cause you don’t.
Frankly you don’t have a stance to speak on any history.

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by 1600 this isn’t exactly an achievement.


comparing that to Maoris who had NEITHER of these things.

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the Maori are interesting in other ways like a unique warfare, culture and placing.

they also resisted the British for quiet some time which is pretty impressive for a small tribal society.

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The Maoris gave Britain trouble, so they would absolutely kick Korea’s ■■■ in a war.

In fact, they were so fierce, they took on the most advanced army of the time, with Stone Age weapons, and came close to a stalemate.
Not even the Aztecs could boast such an achievement, and the Spanish they faced had nothing on the Brits the Maori faced.

Not only that, but the Maori were colonizers themselves, and when they heard there was a distant cousin tribe of theirs, out in the Pacific, that gave up on war, from the mouths of European merchants, they actually went there and wiped them out.

This is the kind of civilization you wnat on a historical wargame, like AoE3. People that actually moved out and did something, not just get rolled over by one civ, and have to be rescued by another.

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Same can be said for Koreans. They resisted Japanese/Chinese invasion and joseon dynasty continued for over a 100 years after imjin war when Ming dynasty fell shortly after.

No, Korea did not successfully resist anyone, the Ming defeated Japan for them.
If the Ming had not entered the War, there would be no Korea today.

Also, Koreans and Japanese tech gap was much closer than the Maori and British one.

but they LOST the land wars and in return got their lands confiscated by New Zealand government. They still carry that grievance to New Zealand goverment

While Korea managed to kick Japanese butt by themselves. Sure Joseon king Foolishly asked for Ming’s help BUT Korea manged to kick Japanese but without their help
Look at Admiral Yi and gerneral Gwon Yul… did they got Ming’s help?

Admiral Yi and General Gwon Yul says otherwise
And Ming fell shortly after Imjim war while Joseon survived… even after it got invaded by Qing again.

No, Korea effectively lost the war by themselves. Ther Ming won the war against Japan, not the Joseon.

They did nothing, compared to the Ming. If the Ming never joined the war, there woudl be no Korea, only continental Japan.

funny how then it fell to Qing shortly after…
And Joseon dynasty survived the war for 100 more years.

evidence? They fought the war long before Ming’s intervention. Stop being stubborn.

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Does not matter. They beat Japan, not Korea.

In fact, the only reason Japan even invaded Korea, was to get a base in the mainland to attack China.

No one even ever considered the Koreans as actual opponent.

In the begining months, Japanese soldiers committed so many war crimes against the Koreans, precisely because of how inept they were at defending themselves, which angered the honour-centric Japanese mindset.
The Japanese literally could not accept how willingly the Korean populace submitted.