Age II: DE Beta Participant Forum Badge

Hello, Age II: DE beta participants!

From all of us on the Age of Empires team: THANK YOU for participating in the closed beta! To show our appreciation, we’ve awarded you a brand-new forums badge and title, which should be visible on your forum profile. (Note: You’ll need to be logged in using the same Microsoft Account as the one you used to sign up for the Age Insider Program).

For now, this badge has taken the place of the standard Age Insider badge we rolled out several months ago. In the future, we hope to provide different avenues through which to show off the various Age betas and Insider activities that you participate in.


What does the badge represent?

When creating the badge, we wanted to represent and meld three elements:

  • Consistency with the Insider brand. We framed the Insider “IN” with a banner in the standard Age Insider badge and wanted to incorporate that general shape into other Insider-related content!

  • The goal of our Insider Program. Put simply, we view the Age Insider Program and Insider activities as an opportunity for us to embrace your feedback. We value your input and your passion for the Age series, and those things have allowed us to build (and continue building) an amazing franchise together. With this in mind, we decided to go with a focal visual of a castle: something you build toward in Age games – with a subtle nod to the act and art of construction (i.e. the ruler marks along the side!).

  • The activity in which you participated. In this case, the Age II: DE closed beta! Instead of going with anything too conceptual in this area, we decided to go for something more direct: by wrapping the Insider banner around the red “II” that’s so iconic to the title. (This format also allows us to carry the design forward for other projects!) :wink:

Can I change it back to the Insider badge?

Unfortunately, no. For now, we’ll use the forums icon adorning your profile picture to represent your most recent Insider activity. We are exploring a variety of options for building out this system in the future—especially as more betas and activities become available.

It looks like I have a new title. Is that something I can edit?

Good eye! Yes, your “Age Insider” title has been updated to read as “[Age Insider] Age II: DE Beta.” This is something you can change at any time by clicking your forum icon in the top-right-hand corner, selecting your forum account name, and then navigating to “Preferences.” From the “Preferences” screen, you should be able to view and select from your available Titles.


Wow this is cool and nice! Also kinda like the colors of Spain :wink:

I wonder how many people were there to play and get this? At some point I saw like 8k people in Insider Group.

Edit: looks like its around 13k. More than insider group?


It was a lot of fun ’ wonder how many people purchase the game

Ok como hispano hablante me gustó mucho participar en el Beta de tan glorioso juego, poder transportarse a esos momentos de la niñez, es hermoso.


Nice Badge. I liked the beta, and i look forward to play


Thank you! It’s a pretty nice idea of you to indicate which betas we’ve participated! This way people can identify themselves by the version they liked the most, if any, as in an unspoken way to show their knowledge!
I’ve always liked the first version the most, but I’m sure everyone will love to display their status as a veteran, that “I’ve helped build it!” or “My opinion matters for the game!”.
Thank you, developers!


That’s a really cool design! Thanks!


At least 3 have bought it, one for me and one each for my two sons :joy:


nice, thanks chevere icon


nicely done! excellent news! =D

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Many thanks to Microsoft, for allowing all Age II fans. To prove this fantastic beta.


Nice icon, but he could have left the game to the beta tester in reward in addition to revoking the key …

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Thank you, Microsoft and AOE team, for your trust and the opportunity I can take part in this beta test. Love the badge!

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Wow This cool, thanks team Age

Nice badge, I’ll take it!

:kalp gözleri::kalp gözleri:

nice guys. Good job with the Beta

So cool! Thanks AoE devs, AoE team, Forgotten Empires, Microsoft, community managers, etc.!

Is great that such a well-loved game and franchise is not forgotten; and that public feedback is sought out and appreciated. Means a lot to me and, I’m sure, a lot of other fans :smiley:

Good luck in the impending launch and future AoE endeavors and adventures; with hopefully many more to come.

No matter what experiments you might do with the franchise over the years and decades, please don’t forget there’s still a lot of love for AoE II for a reason and, so, please circle back to the roots of AoE, gameplay- and graphics-wise, from at least time to time:) (As an AoE2 lover, I hope this circling back to the foundation is a lot more frequent in the future than it has been the past couple decades, but I digress)

I will eventually be getting AoE2:DE because of the care, love, and passion that went into it. That needs to be rewarded, imo :relaxed:

okay! Nice badge. I love it

The Beta was sweet to the beat and I preordered the game and I’m ready for Thursday!