"Age of DOOM v1.25" Released!

“Age of DOOM v1.25” update released! There is a new Arachnotron episode! Also there are lots of improvements!..

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DO YOU WANT TO PLAY DOOM INSIDE OF AGE OF EMPIRES?: Players will play new 3 Doom based campaigns inside of the Age of Empires 2 game engine. This is a tactical shooter game with an isometric camera angle. Player attacks the enemies with “point and click method” like Diablo games. Players will encounter with all Doom 2 or Doom II monsters and much more as the enemies. Players can control the Doomguy or an Arachnotron. Also this mod has some elements that are inspired from Half-Life and Doom 3 games due to its atmosphere and storytelling.

BACKGROUND: As a scenario designer for the Age of Empires 2 community I always wanted to make Doom based campaigns for the Age of Empires 2 game engine. I wanted to resurrect the original Doom for the Age of Empires 2 game engine. This was my dream. I achieved to make Doom based campaigns with the Age of Empires 2 game engine. This campaign uses many sound effects and sprites (along with Doomguy sprites) from original Doom games.

MOD’S MECHANICS: I added original Doom’s some mechanics to this mod. Marine can use his “Sprint” ability. Marine can interact with switches, elevators and teleportation devices. Also he can use “Standard Shotgun”, “Double Barreled Shotgun”, “Rocket Barreled Shotgun”, “BFG” and “Soul Cube” items. Also there are some extra new mechanics in the “Spider” campaign.

NEW STORY: My “Doom” campaign’s story is totally unique. However its story has common aspects with Doom (1993) and Doom III (2004) games in some aspects. Even the main villain (Betruger) was inspired totally from Doom 3 (2004) game.

TUTORIAL CAMPAIGN: A tutorial episode is available for newcomer players. It has an open map design with natural eye candy and more hellish areas. It has “Text to Speech” voice support. It aims to teach players basic gameplay mechanics and system.

DOOM CAMPAIGN: This campaign has 4 episodes with a chronological order. It is my fan fiction Doom campaign that was inspired by Doom (1993) and Doom 3 (2004) games. But despite the inspiration its story is totally unique.

+++++ Slow Start: This campaign has a slow start like Half-Life’s intro. Because first episode’s cinematic sequences are more intense than its action sequences. Second episode has also intense cinematic sequences at the beginning. After the Demon Invasion starts second episode becomes much more action packed. Episode 3 and Episode 4 are greatly action packed like id Tech 1 Doom wads.

SPIDER CAMPAIGN: This campaign is inspired from the “Super Mario Bros” game. This campaign also uses some “Super Mario Bros” sound effects. Player will control the Spider (Arachnotron) that is a special Cyborg war machine of Demons to rescue the Mancubus from the Vampires. Because the Vampires abducted the Mancubus.

This is an isometric tactical shooter episode along with the “Super Mario Bros” style gameplay elements. Spider will fight against melee and projectile user Vampire Units. Spider can jump, warp and use several war abilities. It can collect new oil from “craters” for its abilities. This episode has 3 stages. Each stage has new enemy units and a different map design.

=== CREDITS ===

Major Contributions

HELLKNIGHT61: I am the scenario (all episodes) designer. Also I updated the “Vampire Revenge” mod with many changings to make it suitable for this mod.

GUYZA: He is the person who transplanted all Doom monsters (along with their projectiles) and Doomguy sprites to Age of Empires 2 game engine.

GALLAS: He is the creator of the original “Vampire Revenge” mod. I used this mod’s resources as a base to make my all episodes.

+++++ There are also some Minor Contributors and more…

SUPPORT: I need your support for the advertisement about this mod to more people. If you announce this mod from your social media account(s) and/or your other available resources you support this mod to reach more people. But this is only a suggestion.

ALSO: “Also there are many people that know this mod but they missed the new v1.25 update. So if you announce v1.25 update’s features this will be also helpful for that people to visit again…”

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Also there are 3 short youtube clips for you.

Tutorial Campaign: Age of Empires 2 Custom Campaign | Age of DOOM v1.25 | Tutorial - YouTube
Doom Campaign: Age of Empires 2 Custom Campaign | Age of DOOM v1.25 | Doom - YouTube
Spider Campaign: Age of Empires 2 Custom Campaign | Age of DOOM v1.25 | Spider - YouTube

FYI the campaign file for this is named ‘Genghis Khan’s Cursed Tomb’, and wouldn’t work when I tried to play it due to having a number of civs that’s incompatible with the current version of AoE2 DE. By chance did you link the mod update to the wrong local folder?

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No. This mod is not for the DE. After subscribing this mod there will be “READ THE DOOM MANUAL.txt” file. After opening that .txt file follow its instructions to install this mod from its download source. Installation is quite easy and quick.

Ah I see; I was confused since you published this as a mod for DE.

You’d probably have more luck with higher downloads if you remake it to be compatible with DE since not as many people play the classic version anymore.


I’m a big fan of Doom and will definitely try this out! But you should say on your mod page and ModDB page which version of the game it’s for. (The ModDB page actually seems to say it’s a mod for Doom!) Not everyone has every version of AoE2, and most people aren’t going to read a readme file if they’re confident they already know how to play custom campaigns.

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This mod is a “stand alone” mod. It has a special file organization. It works with its own “Age of DOOM v1,25” folder. So every player can install this stand alone mod from its “ModDB” download page. However you can’t do anything other than playing mod’s custom Doom campaigns.

That makes sense but again, I think you would do better to make this mod work with DE since it’s clear you’ve put a lot of work into it and want people to play it.

Publishing a mod for DE that isn’t compatible with DE is kind of a strange choice and will probably shrink your potential player base more than it helps. At a minimum you should really write somewhere that this is not actually a mod for DE, otherwise most people who download it will just get frustrated when it crashes their game and they won’t try it out again. Requiring players to download a standalone executable rather than a mod is going to reduce your player base even further since it could be a security risk.

Agreed; I read the ReadMe file and still assumed it would work with DE since it’s not actually stated anywhere that it wouldn’t.

@CADiMaster–> I also want too to make the DE version of my “Age of DOOM” mod to reach more players. But this looks impossible. Because my “Age of DOOM” mod uses UserPatch v1.5. UP is not compatible with the DE. For Example: Some UserPatch v1.5 triggers have certain number spots to change their effect. If the number becomes 1 Task Object effect tasks the unit to a certain location. But If the number becomes 2 Task Object effect teleports the unit this time.

So the triggers of UP and DE are not compatible. Maybe I can add all graphics of my mod to DE (if I brainstorming very much). But I can’t add my Age of DOOM campaigns due to their incompatible trigger system.

However if someone “invents” a solution to convert UserPatch scenarios for DE. I can make the DE version of my “Age of DOOM” mod.

But I understood a thing from your message that I need to give players more helpful feedbacks in the “READ THE DOOM MANUAL.txt” file. You are right about it.


The triggers you described may not work as-is if ported to DE, but worst case it should be possible to recreate everything in the DE editor.

How many triggers do the three scenarios have?

Tutorial = 174
Doom Episode 1 = 313
Doom Episode 2 = 977
Doom Episode 3 = 1761
Doom Episode 4 = 2701
Spider = 1316
Total = 7242

It may be possible like you said but it requires many months along with free time sacrifice.

Gotcha. If you want to post the individual scenario files somewhere I’d be happy to open them up in DE to get a sense for how much work it would actually take to get this all to work in DE. There’s a great tool for DE called Scenario Parser that might be able to quickly do the necessary corrections if there’s at least scenario files available.

That sounds great but first of all it is required to convert my mod’s important files for the DE:

1-) Someone needs to convert my mod’s x1_p1.dat file to DE’s dat file version.

2-) My mod has x1_p1 drs file for its new graphics and sounds. However there is no drs file in the DE. So first of all someone needs to convert its slp files into smx files (after extracting the drs file). After creating new smx files these new smx files needs to be suitable with the new DE compatible .dat file. Also someone needs to make suitable all sounds of my .drs file for the new DE compatible .dat file.

3-) My mod has 3 language.dll files. So they also need to be converted for DE.

4-) My mod has interface.drs file for some its new interface graphics. But this is very optional. It is not very necessary.

5-) My mod’s all sounds (from Sound folder) needs to be converted into .wem files.

SO: If someone finishes all of these tasks then we can deal with the individual scenarios like you said. However if you still want to look at individual scenarios I can send them to you.

NEWS: A new classic style Doom campaign on the way for Age of DOOM.

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