Age of Empire 2:DE suddenly shuts down on online [xbox game pass]

It’s a problem that I only encounter in online matches, I think the trigger is random. Not every match happens, but I live in 8 out of 10 matches. I don’t get any error messages direct go to desktop the game is unplayable.

Hi @tahaq1828,

You can check the “Crash logs” section for “how to” recover crash info :

If you suspect the network, you can do that after (network logging) :

When you gathered enough info, fill out a bug report (use the provided template and don’t be afraid to provide even more info)

Hi Mischkov,

Thanks for your reply. I am encountering the same issue as tahaq1828. I am playing on Windows 10 and the game is from Microsoft Store.

I looked at the troubleshooting support you provided and generated the crash logs. Who should I get in touch with to take a look at these logs?


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Hi @ObtuseRock,

You’re welcome. You have to create a new topic in the “Report a bug” section (AoE 2 DE of course). Have a look at this before creating :

Notes :

  • A “Report bug” template is provided when creating a topic in “Report a bug section”.
  • Better your report = better the chance your issue to be solved

I’m having the same problem as the OP – most network games drop to desktop, without any error, after ~20 minutes. Like the OP, I’m playing the Game Pass version (MS Store). The link about using the debug build appears to be for Steam users only. I’d like to file a new bug report but don’t see any way to generate network debug logs. Am I missing something?