Age of Empire 4 patch suggestion

I have been playing this game for a few weeks and thought a few suggestions that could improve the game. And it would be really helpful and it doesn’t change the way we play the game.

  1. Be able to see the layout and name of the map during a game loading screen where all the player’s name are there. Show the same map that we see in the lobby during the countdown in quick games. Some players use the restroom during a search for quick game and they missed the map.

  2. Add a hot key that can select all military unit on the current screen. A single hotkey press, all military units on the current screen are selected. The current Crtl+A selects even villagers and economic unit. Right now we do have a hotkey to select all military units (even they are not on the same screen)

  3. For observer mode, is there a way we can see the timer when all sacred site are captured?

  4. Notify the observer when the game is actually done. I know there is a delay as an observer to avoid cheats, but I have many friends and want to play with them. Instead of waiting for them on the lobby screen, I opt to observe their game so once they are finished I can play with them, however we can’t know exactly when the game is finished due to a delay. Especially when you watch “live” but it’s not actually “live” because there is a delay. And that’s ok, but once the game ends, oh that’s already 5 minutes ago and the person you want to play with has already started another game. ( like I have to predict the game will end in 5 minutes in order to catch them out of the game in the lobby)

  5. The current hotkey for selecting all military units will bring the screen to a random unit on the map. We don’t want that, we just wanted to select the unit and keep our screen where it is. (There is a hotkey to focus on our unit anyway)

  6. Make a sound when there are idle villagers, maybe a mild bell or mild chime (and this option and be turn on or off in settings) this will really help players get notified when there villagers are idle for more than 5 seconds.

  7. Some players don’t like water map. So allow the player to choose certain maps or ban certain maps during their selection of quick games. This wasted a lot of time where you waited and then a water map shows up and someone just quit and we have to restart searching for a quick game again.

I hope I am heard and someone agree with me too.

Everything except point 6 I would agree with.

Point 7 would be mid priority

The rest of these I would say are good suggestions, however developments focus should be on more game breaking balance/exploit issues right now.

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Point number 6 is much like when a landmark for next age is available to be build. I heard a sound like that.

Yeah I get where you’re coming from but get late game with 100+ villagers and you’re gonna have an annoying bell going off literally all the time.

I’d be down with an optional tone that could be turned off via options