Age of empires 3 campaigns are very easy! Please change it

Age of empires 3 DE campaigns are very easy!

I finished AOE3DE’s campaigns close to launch, I found them to be excruciatingly easy even on the highest difficulty.

Today, since I haven’t played AOE3 for a long time, I tried to play the Mexicans’ historic battle, and, to my unpleasant surprise, even in the hard mode, it was extremely easy, I can clearly say, there is no challenge there, I didn’t even try, I just I entered to test the civ, because I bought it and had not played.

This is almost disrespectful to the singleplayer fan base.

Make the single player content more attractive, make more campaigns and historical battles, and please improve this AI and increase the difficulty.

PS: I’m not a good player, I just know AOE mechanics.


Here they also talked about the campaigns demanding a general rework of the campaigns: AoE3 campaigns must be remastered!

Two things:

  1. This is legacy content that should stay true to how it worked in the original game to the maximum extent possible.
  2. The original campaign was an introduction to the game and its mechanics. It is intended to serve as a tutorial with an interesting story. Said differently, it is intended for new players to learn how to play the game with a level of difficulty that allows them to experience and enjoy the story without being frustrated. It’s supposed to be easy.

That said, I think there is a significant part of the player base that plays predominately single player and would welcome having a challenging campaign to play that was intended for players who were already familiar with the game’s basic functions and wanted a bit more of a strategic challenge as well as an interesting story to play through. I’d love to see a new campaign like this, even if it were released as a DLC.


Its three scenarios have been designed for more challenge but don’t forget to change for the maximum difficulty


Most of the Historical Battles are not very challenging either on the hardest difficulty.

Only Christopher Da Gama’s Expedition was challenging enough to be memorable for me as a new player.

That was a buggy mess as well, nearly wasted an hour as all my army got stuck on 1 side of the map.

I kind of agree. I know those Historical Battles are more catered towards casual players and serves more as an introduction, but there are some scenarios that are super easy because of blatant incompetence.

Like, there is a battle where you play Russians against Tartars where the enemy just makes hand cavalry and horse archers. So the scenario is literally just making musks and winning the game.

Also, I have been messing around with the scenario editor lately, and the AI there is even weaker than the Skirmisher mode ones.

Yeah. I remember this was the only historical battle that I did not win on first try. xD

Although is more because the game plays a prank on you, implying that you need to help your allies to defend their base, when in reality you need to release the villages so they can starts trickling units for your ally.
Once you understand what you are supposed to do, is somewhat easy as well.
This scenario kind of reminds of League of Legends, letting units trickling on the 3 passages to win.

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I undestand the introduction thing, but not all levels of dificulty must be that easy. We dont even need to think about It, just train a couple of units and its done.

Look for example the AOE2DE campaigns, some of then have real challenge on hard and achvments.

Sorry for my english.

Should be pretty easy to make the campaigns harder, specially after the rework of " modify protounit "

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