AoE3 campaigns must be remastered!

Some time ago, I replayed all the campaigns for nostalgia, and I realized that there are many things that DE brings that could be added to the campaigns, but have not been applied. Therefore, I bring some suggestions to take into account. I also invite all those who wish to share their ideas and suggestions.



Add more aspects to Malta, such as commanders, sentinels and Hospitallers.
Allow Malta to move up to Industrial and Imperial.
Replace barracks and field hospitals with Hospitals
Add order galleys in the port
Add more age advancement options for Malta
Add cards that are unlocked by scenarios, such as “Inca Allies” after the treasure fleet, which sends a kallanka and allows huaracas to be trained.


  • Add units other than Janissaries and Sipahis to the Ottoman attack, such as Azaps and Delis to the siege of Malta.


  • Replace the Janissaries guarding the depots with Azaps and/or Humbaraci
  • Add other prisoners apart from Swiss pikemen, some prisoners could be Armored pistoleer and Papal Guard


  • I don’t have many suggestions here, but maybe the “Pirates” civilization could have a rework in appearance, they are identical to the British and it breaks a bit with the appearance of the stage, you could change the houses for tents and the barracks for Maltese hospitals for example and give an appearance more “nomadic” than “sedentary”.


  • I don’t have many suggestions here.

I think this scenario needs a complete rework, a lot of things can be done!

  • Add units and some special buildings of the Aztec major civilization, such as otomis, pumas, coyotes, and noble barracks.
  • The Spaniards can be added some extra units, such as Jesuit Conquerors and Soldados


  • I think that what I would most like to see is that mexicans haciendas be added instead of mills.
  • Something boring about the map is that the enemies are Caribs and some pirates. I think some buccaneers and other natives (like Mayans) would be a good addition as enemies.


  • Some Inca prisoners could be exchanged for some Inca DE units, such as Huaracas and Chimus.
  • I don’t know why, but there is a Quechua village below (IN FLORIDA!), this could be changed to a more appropriate native village and the Incas could be included on this map in some other way.


  • I personally liked this scenario, the only thing I would add would be the special ability for Sahin to train Deli, Azap and Jans.



  • I think you have to enable the Bar for civilization, because they are supposed to be mercenaries and they have some special mechanics in reference to that (example, cards from the church)
  • I think some aspects of civilization need to be thought again, especially what units can be trained. You could even rework everything to only be able to get mercenaries that cost less resources and population. The campaign would be so much fun!
  • Add Nonahkee’s passive ability to heal units.
  • I don’t know if it’s a good idea, but some mercenaries or European royal house could appear in various scenarios as supports.

Defend the Colony

  • A complicated problem is that the scenario can be won too easily just by taking out Uhlans, I think that other extra specialized units should be added to the cheerokes attacks vs cavalry, especially when the cannons come.
  • A version of the “native” heavy cannon could be made, like the captured mortar in DE.

Strange Alliances

  • I think it’s one of the most difficult scenarios, but I like that!
  • Villager treasures could be moved more to the periphery, as I feel they are too close to the enemy base to take advantage of.
  • I think once the British show up, they should keep showing up with Cherokee warriors to fight.
  • Something that I like, but I find it a bit morbid, is that the British build on your old base with all the ruins and casualties. I think this could be changed in some way.

The Rescue

  • Here what I would like the most is that they change the Haudenosaunee base for one more like TWC’s, add some long houses and replace the outpost with a War hunt would be excellent.
  • Adding some aennas or FP to the battle would also be very nice.

The Seven Years’ War

  • I think the problem with this scenario is that there are not many resources to spend, maybe a rework of the map is the way to go, add more resources.
  • Another good idea is to improve the interaction with our French ally, like with the AI in singleplayer.

The Great Lakes

  • I don’t have many suggestions in that scenario. I think the only thing I can say is that the British should have the option to ally with the natives disabled.


  • In this scenario, I would like the Lakotas to receive some extra ingredients to their villages, such as the addition of teepees and some Lakota units, such as bow riders and tashunkes.
  • Adding a Cheyenne village plus the Lakota and Comanche village would also be a good idea.
  • Please give our dear Greta a better skin haha

Warwick’s Stronghold

  • I liked this scenario a lot 10/10, the only thing that might change would be the initial units and add a little more size to the map in general.

Bring Down the Mountain

  • The campaign in general is great, but this last scenario disappoints. Like the first one, it can be easily won using only uhlans.
  • It would be nice, if the composition of the Russian forces is slightly changed.
  • Some KoTM mercenaries would be great if they show up here too.



  • Completely or partially replace USA from this campaign with USA from the DLC.
  • I think the main thing is to remove the pikemen and dragoons, and add state militia or volunteers from the “Battle of New Orleans” scenario. Replace musks and goons with regular and carbine respectively.
  • I saw that in an update, a bug was fixed that didn’t allow villagers from the Manors to spaw. I think the mechanics could stay, but ideally it should be changed.
  • Correct some historical inconsistencies. The war of independence in Colombia was fought in 1819. The first Mexico-USA war and the railroad were much later!

Race for the Rails

  • The map in general is very good, I would not change anything except things in general.

Hold the Fort

  • Organ guns should be replaced by gatlings imo.
  • Mexico should be totally or partially replaced by the Mexican civilization from the DLC. Rods and pikes replaced by Insurgentes. Musk for Soldiers and Garrochistas for Chinacos.

The Boneguard’s Lair

  • I have no opinions on this map, I would only change the starting units for the ones already mentioned.

The Lost Spanish Gold

  • I don’t have many opinions about this map either.

Bolivar’s Revolt

  • I think this map will be the most complicated, because Amelia basically traveled 40 years into the past haha.
  • I can’t think of anything else, but to change the argument, but I couldn’t say how. Perhaps Amelia arrives in South America and finds herself involved in the civil war? Don’t know.
  • If you insist on the war of independence and ignore the historical error, I suggest adding Independence Guards for Bolivar’s army
  • I don’t know why, but there is an Aztec village in a part of the stage, insert joke about Incas in Florida. I think they could be replaced by the Quechuas or the Tupis.

Journey Through the Andes

  • This map must enter the top 5 most difficult maps of the entire saga and I love it.
  • My suggestion is only to change the initial units for some more from the USA and Colombia.

Last City of the Inca

  • This map is one of the only original AoE3 maps that received a corresponding update. I don’t have many complaints about the map in general.

Last Stand of the Boneguard

  • My suggestion is to change some buildings in Cuba for something similar to Mexico (but not the same, remember that Mexico and Cuba are two different nations!)

Well, this is all I thought, what do you think? What would you add to the scenarios to update them to DE?

At some point, if I feel like it, I will suggest things for the TWC and TAD campaigns as well.


Agree with everything, this would be great. I enjoy playing campaign now and then.


Magistral! las campañas necesitan urgente revisión ya que algunas misiones se sienten muy faciles o algunos aspectos pueden ser reemplazados por activos modernos

Con respecto a los Guardias oséos me gustaria que a medida que pones más dificultad al juego estos mejores sus stats ya que siempre tienen 500 de hp pero solo 15 de daño o 12 y eso no sirve de nada xd (15 en el caso del mosquetero y 12 en el caso del espadachin)
Estandar: 500 de hp y 15 y 12 de daño respectivamente (el mosquetero oséo tiene 8 de daño Mele)
Moderado: 500 de hp y 25 y 18 de daño respectivamente (// 12 de daño Mele
Dificil: 600 de hp y 33 y 23 de daño respectivamente (recordemos que son la guardia de elite del circulo!) (El mosquetero Oséo tiene 18 de daño mele)

Defender la colonia: Cierto, muchos ulanos lo hace muy facil, se podria hacer que los arquero a caballo cheroke tengan bonus contra la caballeria pesada y que los arqueros cheroke contra loa guerrilleros!

Fortaleza de warwick y derribar la montaña: en general en estos 2 escenarios los ejercitos de warwick necesitan más auxiliares europeos del circulo (como mosqueteros del norte o infantes de linea austriacos)

carrera por los rieles: al enemigo igual deberian reemplazarlo con ee.uu aunque para esta misión deberia ser un nivel algo especial, ya que estamos hablando de compañias ferroviarias no del gobierno de ee.uu yo creo que jugar esta misión con forajidos, mercenarios y matones seria interesante (osea no poder crear infanteria estandar y caballeria estandar)

La guarida del boneguard: Le agregaria un poco más de dificultad dando un objetivo secundario adicional en donde destruyas 2 barracas y 1 destacamento del circulo para evitar que sigan sacando tropas

La rebelión de bolivar: mmm este si que es complicado y es el escenario que más conflicto genera debido al anacronismo xD si supones que estamos en 1845 o 1860 podriamos decir que colombia en este ultimo escenario estaba en una guerra civil, entre liberales y conservadores?

Viaje por los andes: Buen escenario 10/10

En general, haria que algunos niveles fueran más dificiles, ya que la ia enemiga nunca mejora sus tropas, con que tus ejercitos sean de nivel veterano ya ganaste por que la ia no los actualiza nunca

con respecto a las campañas asiaticas, la verdad estan bastante buenas, la unica que no me gusta mucho es la de china pero la de japon y india uff buenisimas, sobre todo las batallas finales, esas cinematicas con sus dialogos si se dejan ver


The reason it doesn’t is because it’s supposed to be a less advanced time. Years 1500-1600 if I’m not mistaken.

A trade route across the lake would be nice. But this would imply a new kind of trade route for North American maps.

I also really liked it. Allow the enemy to repair the walls if you fail. I like the difficulty, so this would only be possible on hard mode.

What could be done here without changing the plot?

Trading posts should be more attacked by the enemy. It is supposed to be key to the success of the mission.

They also allow the Knights of San Juan to build plantations.

Allow walls (gates) to be built on the trade route


It’s not going to happen…the campaigns were made with these customs civs in mind for a good reason…if you change the civs of the campaigns,you could break it…

P.S.:The Amelia campaign happens in 1817 (five years later of the death of Nathaniel,the same Amelia says that in her first reunion with Kaniën)…The Mexican Army in the second scenario in really is a Revolutionary New Spain Army (Mexico only achieve its independence in 1821)…that’s why it will pass how historically accurate…

That’s true…the campaign of Morgan happens in 1565-roughly 1566…that’s why the St. John Knights can’t reach the Industrial Age…

I agree with everything.
Speaking of the plot, I can only think of changing the scenario in another way or in another place, thinking about it quickly, I came up with a “fictitious war” between Spain and Colombia (Spain in 1866, a little late for the campaign, tried to conquer some South American territories ), it could be argued that Spain was trying to “reconquer” Colombia, and change Bolivar for some “Colombian General”, but inventing historical facts I think is too much.

Well, the entire “Shadows” campaign was rewritten, and the last Inca city received changes to be consistent with DE. So I don’t see the problem

If we remove the “Steam Locomotive” factor, you’d be absolutely right, but the campaign basically hints that we’re at least in 1840.

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Well…maybe could work then…

Yes,it how they try to mix the first middle of the XIX century in a one campaign and feels very messy historically speaking…if Amelia born in the 1790s,then in 1817,she is in her 20s and could fight with Bolivar and in Shadow campaign is in her 70s and 80s (1866-1876)…Chayton in that campaign is in his 20s-30s because he fought in the Civil War (in the original version he not fought in the Civil War because was too young to do that)…then he maybe born in the 1840s from Amelia and a Lakota chief…but yeah is all a mess that you try to accommodate as you can…

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In addition to this add a couple of whales in the sea. There is nothing to do after the fish are gone. Personally, I would like the sea to be a bit wider.

Let the Ottomans get spahis in this scenario, and also in the ‘In the Caverns’ scenario. In addition they should also have bombards as an infinite card.

The Mayans on this map do not have the new ranged attack. They keep attacking mele.

That the Ottoman dock is protected by a tower and some soldiers in medium/hard mode.

There is only one whale. They could add one or two more.

Also whales on this map please.

They allow the Spanish to build the wall. Well, this is for all campaign missions on hard mode (even the fort wall).

In hard mode, the mission fails if a Russian army manages to pass.

Allow the Knights of Saint John to build an armory and a mercenary camp or a tavern.

Make the Morgan Black flagship more unique. He could have more hitpoints and could also passively train troops for free, since he doesn’t even though he’s a galleon. She could inspire nearby ships by giving them more firepower. She could also be “immortal”, that is to say that once you lose it she will reappear in the naval destiny of the metropolis.

Morgan Black doesn’t do the build animation when building a TP.

The model of the church of the Knights of San Juan should be the same as that of the Maltese civilization.

Allow more cards to be unlocked per mission, as sometimes you can’t unlock all of them. For example if you meet the secondary objectives you will get additional cards. I want to use 44 cards XD

And you will also have shipments for each secondary mission completed, since sometimes you do not manage to use the entire deck. That is to say that by completing a secondary mission, you will get an additional shipment or two.

John Black could have the ability to train mercenaries (could be unlocked with cards that improve said hero).

The ‘Admiralty’ card should increase the ship limit in the campaign.

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Warwick’s Stronghold
Remove the limited time, or double up. Example, I feel the balance of limited time in the A PIRATA’S HELP and Defend the Colony

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This may just be me but it would be great if the [Knight’s of St. John] civilisation in [Act I] could at least train another long range siege unit from the [Artillery Foundry] than just the [Mortar].

Maybe the [Falconet] could be available to them in a later mission (perhaps in the “Into the Caves” scenario) and then all the way to the end of the first campaign. I am just basing this of a quick google search for the moment but the [Falconet] was apparently developed in the late 15th century, so this cannon wouldn’t be out of place if it was available in the [Knight’s of St. John] civilisation’s default unit rooster considering the timeline that this campaign takes place in.

(Edit: I can’t seem to find this shred of information any longer but I am pretty sure that the Italian civilisation that was later scrapped by Ensemble Studios in the making of [Age of Empires 3] were supposed to have the “Mounted Crossbowman” as a unique light cavalry unit, which would serve as a hybrid between a [Dragoon] and a [Cavalry Archer]. I expected that this unit would show up with the “Knights of the Mediterranean” DLC, but they were not included.)

(Maybe the Maltese and the [Knight’s of St. John] could get access to it since the Maltese in the “Wars of Liberty” mod can train the “Cranequinier”, (Cranequinier | Age of Empires III: Wars of Liberty Wiki | Fandom),which is a Mounted Crossbowman with a cranequin, a form of spanning mechanism that was apparently popular for the horseman’s crossbow of the 15th and 16th century.)


(Edit: For anyone who is curious about Mounted Crossbowmen in history, I did manage to find some more information about this elusive subject on Quora. Out of the few users who gave an answer to this subject on the website, two users by the name of “Allie Skye” and “David M. Prus” probably provided the best answers on this.)


By this I mean that it improves with advancing age. Both attack and hit points.

I’m not a fan of this, I appreciate what you are trying to do, buy is seem a lot of work to do, when the campaign is ment to be simple and easy to understand and can lose the essence. I prefer instead of that, making a brand new campaign (about morgan family o anything else)


They could just make the falc shipment infinite, its a fun dynamic in the last mission that your cannons are somewhat limited and makes defenses against waves more interesting.

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The dream that we all have is to one day have a long campaign with several scenarios. But you don’t get an idea of how difficult it is to make a campaign from 0 and more than one from AoE3, which has cinematics and its scenarios are usually very detailed. Therefore, I think that the best thing that can be done at the moment is to remaster the old campaigns (it has already been shown that it can be done, with the shadow campaign and with the “Last Inca City” scenario)


If at least that native american they consulted for changes, had made the team work on a new campaign…


They should have the ability to make new campaigns. Developers weigh the old campaigns in order that these two DLC (African royals and Knights of the Mediterranean) may successfully overcome the expensive, time-consuming and difficult new campaigns

It still makes me sad Moroccans were supposed to be included in African Royals but were cut due to budget constraints. I still hope we get them in the future.

And Elite is sadly correct, new campaigns are a massive undertaking that I’m afraid is not likely. Remaster the old campaigns and hopefully if there’s more DLC in the future with historical battles is the best we can do.

Budget constraints are a real thing. It’s all up to World’s Edge.

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Oye ahora que lo pienso… los alemanes que salen en la campaña de nathaniel black deberian usar el nuevo edificio unico de los alemanes el campamento de mercenarios


As a campaign of the Napoleonic era it would be a good one. The Aztec and Inca civilization could have campaigns too. Unfortunately that would require a lot of budget, but it would be a good way to “resell” the game as something new and not just show it as “a failed game”.

Yeah,i think the same as you…maybe we get the Moroccans,a few more historical battles with the news civs and no more…but now the devs are concentrated in the AoM remaster and the patches and dlcs for AoE 3 will be come in a more slow process…