Age of Empires 3 DE: Wars of Liberty (?)

Hey there Folks!

I’ve been completely blown away just by the simple Idea that all the Age of Empires games will get a DE, including AoE3, my personal favourite. Well, I play a lot that game; it has the best soundtrack yet, and i had the most fun playing it than playing any other game in my life. But i also love the Wars of Liberty mod.

Well… that makes me question something. Is there going to be Wars of Liberty for Aoe3 DE? Isn’t it a good idea to make the mod an official part of the game?

It brought new civs, maps, game mechanics and a complete overhaul of the game. And just like Aoe 2 HD, wich was made an official mod, shouldn’t this one be made one too??

Wars of Liberty i might add is one of the best mods for the game, i would agree. If they are going to make AoE III DE a success, they need to work on better making the story in the single player content bc it was the mods and player content that kept the game alive not the dev content, so Microsoft needs to work on there side to improve on their stuff.

But I agree War of Liberty would be a great addition to DE.

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I understand the hype my man. Age of Empires III really captures my attention to the detail given to the units and buildings. Building your city and attacking other is just my type of game style. WoL has an incredible concept and props to the people who maintain it, it was a true achievement.

Unfortunately it isn’t something officially supported by the Age of Empires Franchise but I hope that in the DE we get new civs and the devs take some ideas of WoL. We can only hope from this point.

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Hay there man. Ofc we would love to make the mod into the DE version, it depents how modding friendly the DE version will be
2. It will be alot of work, since WOL has alot of new units, buildings and mechanics overall.

Greetings from a WOL Volunteer :wink:

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I never knew this mod existed. Think is time to reinstall AoE III again :smiley:


That would be amazing if you join us !
Currently we are over 1.400 members only on Discord ! And i hope many more will join :smiley:
Hope you like the mod, so many new stuff will come to your eyes, and just wait for the next patch. You can finaly play Danish and Sweden in AOE3 !


Devs have said little about porting to DE, I assume they are waiting to see what support modders will get for that.

As for now, simply enjoy the mod! :smiley:

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Just for a heads-up, you can run both AoE 3 and Wars of liberty, simply install the mod on the Age of Empires 3 folder!