Age of empires 3 is becoming Age of Europeans 3

Just typical aoe3 patches. New PUP. New updates, another round of buff to European civs. European civs get more units, more mechanics, and more skins (this is a good thing). While asian, african, native american civs are getting nerfed and nerfed every patch.

Is there any solid proof that non European civs are strong and european civs are weak so that they need to buff European civs so badly? Or are the devs just trying to please the (maybe majority) European players?

I know there are a lot of forum discussions requiring new european buffs, units or civs. It is because European players tend to use this forum more, more of them speak English. And of course twitch streamers crying non european civs are op etc resulting in non EU civs getting nerfed. But do they have any actual proof that civs like India, China, Inca, Ethiopian, Hausa are overpowered? Or is it just their biased opinion? My question is do the devs buff or nerf civs based on the forum opinions or pro streamers’ opinions? Or just because they prefer European civs and pay way more attention to them compared to other civs?

Outside of gameplay it is the same. Let’s take a simple example, European home city has way more customisations than others, each requiring 2 or 5 points. Non EU civs will need 10 points to unlock a customisation because they have fewer. It is undeniable more attention and effort are spent on EU civs.

Only exception I would say is Italy and Sweden which are properly nerfed because they are clearly OP. However, dutch, Germans, Spanish, Brits, Maltese, french are not op idk why they also keep getting buffed and new stuff. The bias to certain civs is not a secret anymore.


No it’s because most player play euro civs.


I do not mean players who play European civs. I mean those players from Europe. They tends to naturally want more stuff for EU civs, want new EU civs (the daily german polish discussion), and want more buffs to EU civs. These guys also more likely to speak english and use this forum. So if the devs balance civs based on forum discussion it results in bias in favour of European civs.

I am from Asia and most of my Asian friends in aoe3 don’t use this forum because they don’t speak English. But then they also want more stuff for Asian civs but their requests are never heard by the devs.


I don’t think that they make most decisions off of the forum but there are people who complain about stuff because it is slightly different and they don’t look at tags close enough. People cried that Inca were OP for awhile and they never were. Probably because they didn’t know how to counter Chimu runners. or something.

Many of the nerfs on non european civs are just unreasonable. Like ethiopian shotel (debatable), neftenya (was never op before), arquebusier (never op never being complained), rajput, chimu, arrow knight etc… are they systematically nerfing non eu civs and units? Idk why. Meanwhile European civs get new cards, new design, new units, new skins…all royal guard are cheaper and get new benefits, all explorers are buffed

It has been many patches where they do the same for EU civs and nerf non EU ones.


The 2nd most popular civ is china
Half the new civs in DE are non european.
Just as many civs got changes accross the board notably Haudenosaunee.


Yeah but they nerf all the new civs after release. Sweden got nerfed. USA got nerfed, Italy got nerfed, Mexico got nerfed.

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And that’s a good thing since many people think that the European civs are boring so I don’t see that as a problem.


In my personal opinion, I don’t feel that European civilization has been generally strengthened in terms of game intensity.
The biggest change to European civilizations in the past year is to make each civilization more distinctive. A large part of this is because previous European civs had many common units, which were more converging than non-European civs, both visually and statistically.


The problem is devs dont spend effort on non Eu civs they just do European ones. Since the new european civs, we got huge amount of european natives, mercenaries, units, and buffs. Non for other civs


Exactly, making them more unique IE adding new unit skins that do not affect stats is not buffing anything just making in more interesting.


They are affecting stats. Now i keep running into dutch highwayman, german chaeveguers, inquisitors, giant grens, french royal musks, otto new units, etc…they make EU civs more interesting and keep giving them new units, but no new stuff for other civs


Because we got a bunch of European maps, which everybody wanted. Same thing when they added African civs, and maps we got African natives and maps and new African mercenaries.


Except giant grens which I hate most of those units aren’t very good. Dutch highway men suck.

And here this patch buff to all european royal guards, and explorers. It is clearly a buff across the board to all EU civs.


They didn’t buff royal guard stats they changed some name and appearance


Euros haven’t been updated since 2005. DE is now bringing them on par with non Euros.

Devs can’t do everything at once so when they feel Euros are in a good place I’m sure they’ll move their attention elsewhere. And it’s not like Non-Euros civs have been totally neglected in the meantime. All non Euro civs have received new cards and plenty of balance changes.

We all want to see what FE can do with Asian civs so we just have to be patient and supportive.


All upgrades are cheaper, and bring new benefits. Well also this is just,an example from many things they did to buff europeans.


This is an absurd take, each civ is getting changes in due time, now it was time for euro civ in a major part, but look at haud, they are getting lots of changes too in this PUP, and yes, there are stats that state that china is near the top, just behind sweden, then we also have ethiopia which is regarded as a good civ and neftenya that are regarded as among the best skirms in the game… Otto still getting buffs for some absurd reason since they are too among the top civs at the moment… Also, the states say that minus swedes and italians all other euro civs weren’t faring too much well, maltese were mostly annoying and that is getting nerfed so it isn’t just buffs for euro civs, they are getting nerfed too


In fact, for some RG they got reduced stats improvements