Age of empires 3 is becoming Age of Europeans 3

I had read on Wikipedia that, the earliest Scottish communities in America were formed by traders and planters. Before this card was released, I had suggested to have the Scottish Immigration card in Age I , could ship 1 Estate Wagon and make Settlers gather coin +10% faster on Estates.

Apparently the developers felt the need for a military units card in the supremacy rather than an economic improvement card. There are too many cases where design serves the needs of the game rather than history.

By the way, I’m still waiting for Portuguese Immigrants to provide Fishing Boats and improve them. The US does not have a Schooners card.


I’d love to. It is my favorite American civilization. I would like this civilization to have religious temples and a redesign to the boring community plaza. I also didn’t like the mechanical dance around a bonfire, but the square is much more boring.

This should be replaced by some administrative building (religious, political or both at the same time) where the priests can make “decisions” for the fate of the empire.

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Yes! A big pyramid with Priests, Villagers and possibly the War Chief walking on the stairs and talking abroad like asian settlements brahmins.

That is the widest man I’ve ever seen.


Sure. When they rework the Asians to not be stereotypical mysticals and Haití, to not be pirates