Age of empires 3 is becoming Age of Europeans 3

What does scottish imigration to the usa have to do with royal highlander regiments? That were used against the yankees?

Infact some of the immigration was due to brits keeping the highlands oppressed to promote immigration or sign ups. Yet, the only distinct scottish unit in the game despite how often they made up elite or decorated regiments accross europe and even the new world is the highlander unit in game. So it makes sense in game that the completely distinct scottish and often lowland immigrants would be represented by a dressed british army highlander. Sometimes a games logic is internal, not supposed to be 100% accurate.

Hell what does italys love of seafood have to do with whales?

Its kind of a nitpick to try and force everything to be 1v1 real life in a game that doesnt try to be a simulation, theres ways to flesh stuff out but sometimes things work internally. Theres also probably way more impactful ways to make changes that work externally and improve game experince without ignoring in game logic.


All those who are opposed to this topic can check the changelog to see the updates of non-European civilizations and European civilizations, I am tired of seeing that every time I open the changelog to see that the Inca, Ethiopia, China are weakened again and again, the updates of non-European civilizations always follow such a trajectory, they get strengthened once, and then after a period of strength they will be constantly weakened, how many times has China been weakened? Did the development team really think seriously about how this civilization should be positioned in the ranking and treaty, but simply and crudely do subtraction? European civilization is always strengthened and weakened, and they may not be satisfactory in this version, but they will be supplemented with new ones. This is what other normal games do with updates, and as I have already said, the UK has been getting positive updates over the past year, they went from no skirmishers to now the strongest skirmishers in Europe, rocket artillery reworked and benefited from the acceleration of Imperial Age shipping, Germany and Ottoman could only ship one cannon, but Britain could ship two, enhanced the thin red line, made Britain flexible, gave British drummers, and Britain was immediately adjusted back after removing the Era One peasant card, The renewal history of Britain is the epitome of the three renewal history of the empire in one year, why have the British been strengthened? Until all their shortcomings are slowly made up? Because he is a noble European civilization? The problems of the Inca Aztec Iroquois and Lakota have never been properly resolved, they have only been brutally weakened again and again until they completely withdraw from the game, if you are dissatisfied with your civilization, you may wish to read the British changelog, the development team certainly knows how to adjust the country, he does not adjust the civilization you love can only be attributed to their personal likes and dislikes

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A work of art. Only complete campaigns in the style of the old ones were missing.


Are there any New World or Colonial mercenary units that have gone to other continents? I think this would differentiate them from the outlaws.

Hate to revive, but I gotta say this - with the additions of the Royal Guard unique skins and the clear fact that more effort was put into the European Royal Houses than any minor civs prior to them… you can’t help but think how true this is.

Every Euro unit is at least attempted to be built on European history, but there’s a whole 1 unit among 30 in the Tortuamerican civs based on history.

Add in Mesoamerica, and that becomes 4 in 43 - the Otontin Slinger, Eagle Knight, and Jaguar Knight are all loosely based on history, though their actual in-game representations don’t reflect their historical usage.

Can we get an expansion similar to this that will actually give the Native Americans some research behind their… everything?

Right now, the entire continent is a loose collection of fiction, written by game devs with only the slightest idea of what actually happened there.

ADD: This is a game series based on history, but there’s an entire continent (two, really, but South America is its own thing) that was created with minimal effort and about an hour’s worth of research using children’s picture books as sources.

Please, can we get a full rework over the Americas, with the same level of care put into them as the Europeans?


I think its a about the diplomatic purpose of the wampum. So reduced Traintime = support by other “tribes”

It could also bei just a refference to general craftsmanship.

According to a haudenosaune Youtuber im watching, the meaning of wampums is really diverse, but poorly understood and it was used for nearly everything. Many details have been lost to time.

So idk, wouldnt be to harsh in the devs for that

German “Gildenhandwerk” has nothing to do with resourcegeneration of Bavarian Farmers (settlerwagons)

I’m going to be harsh on the devs when it comes to Native Americans because they launched the game by using my culture as a marketing point to drive up their sales without putting any effort into actually making meaningful change to the civs.


Yeah the “We have a native advisor, everything will be great now”-thing was a shame


It was awful, and I’d like them to roll that back, apologize for it, and actually implement meaningful and impactful change to the North American civs.

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If a mexican says that mexico it should not be essentially european nation…

Even less should the muslim Ottoman Empire be considered a European civ.

And this has been represented visually with the fantastic rework.


I agree.

The whole Native Advisor thing was too broad and came across as box-ticking.

Taken from the Q&W with the consultant:

" It’s also like, for all Indigenous people, there is the Fire Pit: like a one-size-fits-all thing, which just doesn’t work given how different we all are as Indigenous peoples.

Having something like the Fire Pit be so central to the game’s play continues to reinforce these rather pernicious notions about us. With its presence, it subtly says, “it’s okay to utilize these kinds of images of Native people.” Unless we change these kinds of representations—big or small—in a way, we will all be stuck dancing around a Fire Pit."

(bold emphasis mine!)

I mean, swap the Fire Pit for Plaza and it still results in the same. Still a very broad stroke for Native American societies of the North and South American continents as well as Central America.


Let’s see what they introduce with the next updates regarding non-european civs. A lot of ideas have been laid out on this forum already. I think it is too early to call it “Age of Europeans”, but if the next DLC civ is Denmark… oh boy.

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Actually, Aztec units are fairly well represented in game, but not perfectly.

Coyotes were warrior priest, not this shock infantry unit we have. Otontin slingers should be called “tiachcauh” or “papalotl slingers” instead, because of their banner. Puma spearman is a made up name, as far as I know. They carry a Pamitl, which was reserved for high rank captains.

The arrow knight represents the cuextecatl soldier, which was a low rank in aztec military, so him being in noble’s hut is questionnable. Jaguar and eagle are well represented, given the fact that they’re the most represented warriors in every sources. Skull knight shouldn’t be a massable unit and his name is made up. He was a high rank military and was the supreme commander of the army in absence of the emperor himself.

Even though they aren’t perfect, I think it’s safe to assume the Aztecs are the most well represented native civ in the game.


Exactly my friend!
You are right!

Coyotes are Warrior Priests, I mean, Priests? Have you sources? What do you propose for shock infantry for Aztecs?
I would conform with Papalotl Slingers as a name for the card that improves them.

In terms of how well they’re portrayed, my number doesn’t change. The Otontin Slingers, Eagle Knights, and Jaguar Knights have the right names, but no connection to what they wear. The Arrow Knight, Coyote Runner, and Puma Spearmen are all abstractions of actual soldiers but not implemented in a way that makes sense, and nor are they coherent enough to be sure that those are actually what they’re trying to represent and not just happy mistakes.

Eagle and jaguar have the right appearance for their name, not the otontin (which furthermore is the plural for otomi). For the others I agree, their name means nothing.

I think I’ll just create a new thread for this.


Yes, I suppose they will in due course…

Humorous, playful, and unpredictable, the coyote was considered sacred to the Aztec as well as many other Native peoples, and the Aztec coyote runner strove to emulate the animal’s qualities in battle. Coyote runners wore teeth and fur to symbolize the coyote’s physical appearance, coupled with bright colors and feathers to illustrate its capricious nature.

The coyote runners were all left-handed because that made them more dangerous in combat.

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The Union Army had a Highlander regiment from New York, recruited from Scottish immigrants:

Many Scotsmen immigrated to the United States, and the Scots-Irish had a profound influence on US culture in the Appalachian mountains and across the South.


bit of backstory here

  • it was mainly financed by new york elite, and was not mostly highlanders but simply scottish immigrants or decendants of various places (canada, scots irish, etc not just highlanders).
  • it didnt used the same uniforms of royal highlanders for a variety of reasons
    -The uniform was as seen, much more union in appearance (for the obvious reasons to not get confused) and not very similar to the highlander regiments of Britain other than a tartan (not kilt) and cap, and often the socks.
    -They did not follow typical highlander doctrine, and where a light infantry/artillery brigrade.

In short, it was a LARP of sorts more so than an actual highlander regiment but was highly effective through the war and a decorated unit. The south (confederacy is censored?) also had a mixed indian and highlander brigrade as well that would have looked a bit more authentic due to not providing uniforms. But these regiments in appearance and style were hardly like the highlander regiments they were inspired by and still would not have been classified in the same way,. from uniform to how they operated. It was highlander is mostly name.
I guess if you really stretch it and pretend the royal highlanders uniforms were the same it kind of makes sense, but its still one hell of a stretch to pretend highlander regiments fought for the usa