Age of Empires: Castle Siege Memories

Age of Empires: Castle Siege will no longer be playable after May 13, 2019 .

This thread allows you to share your thoughts and memories associated with the game. What was your favorite siege? What are some of the most memorable experiences you’ve had in-game? Are there any people that you met that you would like to stay in touch with? This is the place to post!


My best memories were attempting to moderate the GoP vs. PM rivalry both on the forums and in-game. I’ve never felt so alive in my life.


LOL the good ol days:rofl: didn’t think it was possible to get so wrapped up in a game. But thanks for everything you did, seems it really went downhill after you left.


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Why the heck did we spend so much energy and money and time on this game just to be told IT’S OVER? Is this normal? That will certainly teach me to spend real money on these games.

This particular game is all about building and consuming. To have the rug pulled out from under the client who has actually invested time and money…is just not cool at all.

Shouldn’t we just bag out now? Throw all those expensive wall sections away? Quit thinking about any upgrading whatsoever? And these comments are telling me everyone else is okay with this? This game wasn’t raking in enough money so let us just dump it and all the customers we harangued into buying gold and imagining the future of our little castle we grew and babied?

This is shameful. Good information for everyone getting addicted to these games. So you are addicted? Oh my, Get unaddicted, pull your boot straps up because all of this work was for nothing? This is similar to getting someone mentally and physically dependent and then ha ha ha, get over this cause in 6 months it will be gone. So don’t enjoy this game anymore.

Does that not say an awful lot about these games off the internet? Like, don’t invest real money because if you do it is caveat emptor! Buyer beware.


Here the issue with your reasoning is seen. You see it as lost money. But then think about many single-purchase games you’ve bought. Typically, many never feel incentive to play it after many hours and you complete the game. Yet those people can spend no money to play a free multiplayer game for thousands of hours and then complain they wasted their time. They fail to think about what experiences they’ve had, or the relationships made with new people.
I find the risk thing exciting, because if there was no risk, then the experience wouldn’t be as great. We wouldn’t have the chance to see games try new things if there wasn’t a risk of a game shutting down, no matter how small or large. Thus, I hope you’ll find a new experience you’ll like a lot, that doesn’t shut down quickly.

As for the actual topic, here is a troll base I made inspired by the lost defensive strategy of Clash of Clans, which is never used anymore.

There are a lot of traps around the keep, where troops can be deployed right next to.


Well, this is interesting! Thanks for replying, it makes me feel a bit better and this tidbit might juice things up?

Thanks again Archer


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There are a lot of memories with this game about many battles, I remember the time where revenges were unlimited and take a long war with a french player that I always put 100% attack… this year I attacked the same player 4 times and always put 2 star attack to their castle… well if I write all my good memories attacking and building many castle I fear that never end to tell all… really I’ll miss this Castle Siege


My favorite siege was the first time I got 1200 Crowns. Forget which whale I hit. But that felt great - it was a little after Devs put in that Crown Ceiling. Then, of course, me 3-starring Kakaiers…but after he quit and put out all his stuff…so doesn’t really count. lol. Some of the older players know about Kakaiers. Wow, there was lots of great players back then.

Definitely had some good times, starting with the first Alliance I joined: The Leftovers.
Then, of course - being a part of Gods of Plunder in it’s heyday. Trying to topple Prezident’s Men or United India…man, we had some rivalries with other alliances.

I miss all of the old GoP team. But still keep in touch with only a handful.

Forums were fun at times, even if and when I was put in timeout. :smiley:

Overall, with this game, I’ve had fun and enjoyed playing it, and had fun and enjoyed chatting with a lot of different people.

Sad to see it going away for good. Enjoy it while it lasts - and hopefully I get to play with some of ya’ll in the future.


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It was somehow … dull … without you there :wink:


Hello everyone, was very sad for me to see it go away, Happy Holidays to you all, hugs.


Hi everyone my best memories were when i played in alliance ITALIA UNITA, ITALIA UNITA 6… By the way Happy holidays and happy new year siegers


Are there any Castle siege fans around here?


I had a fun time playing this even though it wasn’t an rts. Going to miss this game when its down.