Age of Empires : DE campaign thanks

First Thanks to the Team the past 23 days have been satisfying.
The Campaign was of the same as Mr.Bruce and his team which fascinated me all of 99 to 2006. Big Thanks for not changing it. The voice over intro reminds of the Conquerors. The game has an extremely smooth play on nvidia processors lower end. But in Intel graphics driver 630 some areas go black and the blinking does not stop. In AMD Radeon its smooth as nvidia. I was testing different configurations so saw the difference. It also works great on my old laptop which has a 840m nvidia processor.
The skirmish was also great but I have to re adapt to the game and master it.
Thanks for the first punic war. It brought the memories of 99’ back. The trial version of Age of empires in windows 98 CD as extra.
The character movement is smooth and same like the old AOE the swordsman and Transport ship sometimes get stuck . It really helps when we trick the AI to follow the stone wall passage with a single opening and it gets stuck helping us to advance tech in the time. Eventhough I had to spend more money on downloading the game than the game itself it was worth it.
I hope I could re attend the classes of Mr.Sandy in game design. cause even after 2 decades the title, gameplay and Storyline is Entertaining.
Thanks to the team which worked hard on recreating the graphics, gameplay and yes the bugs which the user could take advantage of. Worth the Money


I did until now Egypt campaign + half of Greece, and I noticed a lot of changes ?


I love it too, they did such a great job with it!


Well. If it was 33K6 speed, I estimate the time taken would haven been around (25 * (1024 ^ 3) / (33600 / 8) / 3600 hours. :wink: :smile:

You might save yourself some money in the future with a special request to a friend who has highspeed internet available to send you the additional campaigns posted here on the forum created by some fans and AOE Forgotten Empires developers on DVD or CD-ROM using snail mail.