Age of Empires DE Historical Issues

Yeah the sale brought me in also. I totally agree. And yeah. I noticed that most posts are about AOEII

Thanks. And yeah. I know… Probably nothing of this will ever end up in Game. But i feel it needs to be said.

Yeah i remember the Classicists see it that way :yum:

But as with most things in Greek history, they tend to view the world as it affects Greece. The textbooks, for example, are written in a way that it seems like 600BC was the dawn of civilization, whereas it as only the dawn of Greek civilization, and only the Mycenaeans at that. The Minoans before them flourished in the Bronze Age before the invasion.

But it is, as you say, not written in stone. Historical periods are used differently by different schools of thought.

You can use the search and check some older post from 2018.

I agree, that is how I learned it in school. :slight_smile: The Mycenaeans and Minoans deserve as much attention as you indicated.

It’s a shame for sure. Anyone know if I can edit the AI names for random map modes at least? Or would editing that mess up the game and cause it to crash etc?

No, it’s a remastered version.
It’s the same engine. Reboot means restart the whole series with a different story and gameplay and engine.

Remake is making the game using a different engine with everything built from ground.


A few things to think about:

  1. This is a remake of an old game, so to some extent I’m glad they actually have things like hoplites and chariots not just swordsmen and archers or other generic units. Greeks use centurions :smiley:
  2. The bar for the remake graphics being accurate is not that high, especially when you see horse archers using longbows.
  3. Pop culture influences more than history. Hence greeks always have corinthian helmets, romans have leather wristbands, chariots look like sterotypical egyptians.

Despite that, it can still be a beautiful game. Even moreso when/if they allow modding

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I hate to be a grammar Nazi, but this is not a remake. It’s a remaster.

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Unfortunately, this analysis is 22 years too late. The game had to take some liberties when it was designed last century, and too much deviation would’ve erased the nostalgic factor too much. That’s why they gave the game QOL updates and improved graphics as the main update compared to the original.

That said, The new sprites look more historically accurate in general compared to the original. This is in contrast to AoE2 DE, in which Berserkers still have horned helmets and Throwing Axemen still throw huge double-bit axes with 2 hands.


Yes, so i have been informed. Would be nice if they re-did the engine, though i guess the development time is ridiculous then. Maybe 24 years from now? :yum:

I am looking forward to mod-support. Will this be a thing though? I feel that they should have announced this by now , since they already launched AOEII:DE.

Sad but true. I guess we will just have to wait for mods.

I guess we would have way less issues, but it wouldn’t feel like AOE2 anymore…

afaik, the horned helmet is sorta accurate.
Sorta, not 100%

But I ask me why Microsoft dont put in the best things from AoE II in AoE I? Things like global trading with ressources in marketplace, trolleys, fish traps or gates. The pathfinding is worse than in the original game. Why they cant copy the pathfinding from the second part?

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Yeah and according to Wikipedia the two games are on the same engine. So there’s no real excuse.

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Since AOE never had gates, this would change gameplay.

Same for the pathfinding because AOE2 uses formations and AOE1 does not

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But it would be nice!

Yet, feel like AOE2 with both gates and formations.

As far as historical issues, I noticed that they haven’t changed the inaccurate, archaic, and/or inappropriate AI names in the random map mode. Since Microsoft recently released an update for the game, presumably there are at least some employees interested in making further improvements for the game, so I mention this issue again here.

In a separate thread I suggested replacements for some of the AI leader names: AI Player lists (Historical Leaders)

Let’s get rid of Macedonian leader names comprised of Syracuse leaders, for example, as well as mythological names and philosopher/doctor names.

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