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omg, omg, i want the shirtttt. can i win if im from mexico?
my favorite moment was when i was in middle school, our history teacher was asking stuff about history and i was the only one answering becase i knew some universal history thanks to this gameeeeee. i love it and i always will!


I rememeber my uncle brought this game from USA. He is a sailor btw and he also bought a used laptop. I wasn’t much into computers back then(didin’t have one either). I was more into consoles like Nintendo and Sega. The moment he installed this I got hooked up! We chose skirmish map with Greek civilisation and we started off. It was all new and shiny but we couldn’t advance to next age. Requirements were that we build two buildings from current age. We were still bashing with clubs and stuff and you can imagine when we saw our enemy coming with a catapult on us. It was WTF! moment! How on earth did he get that. Later on we realized there is an arrow in the buildings menu that you press to reveal more buildings.

Such a cool game. Still listen to soundtrack…


Hi! In my memories are the evenings during my time in the community service with old people. I’m a very great fan of it and I played all difficulty levels in the games 1 and 2. In my opinion is the extension “The conquerors” the best of it all. Also today I play sometimes the game, but soon I will be more often play the definitive edition. Thanks Microsoft and the whole Team behind for making a release possible. Greetings from Germany.


My favourite memory of playing AOE was by far playing AOE1 as a kid I played that game for years and the memories have stuck with me it was such a good game and I can’t wait for definitive edition as I will probably play it more than any other game. And I still play 2 & 3 on steam regularly, favourite series of all time


My first experience was AOE1 when i got it as a demo on the front of the magazine. I played the same map over and over until the full game was released. I favourite memory is playing AOE2 online with friends, one of whom spent hours building the perfect town with well laid out streets. Unfortunately, he totally forgot about building an army and we destroyed his creation in minutes! He repeated the same mistake again and again.




Age of empires saga helped me in school, of course it tooked a lot of my time, but i’ve becomed fan of ancient history and finish school with very good grade for history.


My favorite memory of AOE has to be before I even got the retail version, and played the Trial version frequently with my brother. Although we were never able to make our own scenarios at the time, there was a nifty little program, called cpnbuild, that converted retail only scenarios to allow us to play them in trial version in multiplayer. We had downloaded what we could from Artho, which is still up, surprisingly! Although there were limitations, we could sometimes play scenarios that started us off in the Iron Age. Of course, we could not train certain units, as they would only become invisible, or would return the ol’ “Not available in trail version” or something to that notion. Anyway, it was always nice to be able to get more of the retail experience, even with the limitations of the trial version. And it often times made victory feel that much sweeter when we were able to make entire campaigns with that program, and win against the computer being stuck in the Bronze Age, even though they would be post-Iron Age.

Really, there have just been too many good memories of this game for me, especially because I played it a lot with my brother growing up. And I think all of my best memories come from playing the trial version, too. I eventually brought ‘Reign of the Hittites’ over to my retail version, just for the sake of nostalgia! It will always hold a special place in my heart.


My favorite memory playing Age of Empires… about 20 years ago, when I first got the boxed CD and played my first game. I have to say I didn’t know any english, and that AoE version was ONLY in english (I know, not very smart from me). So I started a game without configuring anything (impatience), and here I was, with three guys awaiting near an amount of stones and fangs, without knowing anything of what to do.

I started exploring nearby territory, and discovered a strange little cart. ‘‘Artifact’’. Hmm… interesting, I’ve got an artifact. I have to say, an automated one. I tried to ‘‘use’’ it with a villager, and bringing it to the base, but nothing to do with it. So I continued exploring, between that amazing soundtrack and natural sounds (loved the bird ones), and started to build a house and barracks. Pretty awesome to see I can recruit some men with huge club now. I was veeery noob, so started building houses and recruiting more soldiers with club, and about economy… well, think I advanced to Tool Age after very 20 minutes or more.

I can’t remember which faction I was on my first game, but remember perfectly that amazing feelings with my first stable and explorer. That gallop sound when moving my explorer (even if he was not galloping) was great. And I found some ruins with it, which later, when in Bronze, I tried to ‘‘use’’ with a priest, because of the same symbol when you move a unit to a ruins, and when you use a priest too. Yes, that was my ‘‘intuition’’.

On my fist game, never reached Iron Age. I was recruiting my first hoplite when several cavalries, broad swordsmen and few catapults/stonethrowers (can’t remember exactly) rushed into my settlement. Whoah, that hoplite!! He killed three cavalries with the only help of two primitive watch-towers. The AI destroyed me on my first game, and without knowing english… ugh. But I was really amazed with that game. My first RTS, my first ancient times-based game… All things I discovered playing only a game, and all the questions without answer (¿what to do with that artifacts? ¿and with the ruins? ¿what about AI interaction destroying me?). There were a huge lot of things to explore, discover, try and enjoy.

And now, 20 years after my first game in Age of Empires, here I am. Writing in english (not a perfect one, I assume) and still playing Age of Empires, knowing all of it. Now I know when a videogame accompanies you for long 20 years, it’s no more a simple videogame. It’s some part of your life. Thanks, Ensemble. Thanks, Microsoft. Thanks, Forgotten. Love all of you.


I fervently attempted to re-create Homer’s The Odyssey in the scenario editor. I had Odysseus traveling to the lands of Aeolus (populated mostly by berry bushes) and Circe and had to fake my way through Scylla and Charybdis. I kept thinking, “I wish there were mythological units to go along with the heroes.” I like to think I came up with the idea for Age of Mythology right there; 5 years before it came out.


I loved every moment of every game it is so hard to choose!


My favorite memory would have to be spending the summer playing for hours at a time with my brother, taking turns playing NS and Cho as members of Logic_ clan. Getting used to the hotkeys, learning build order, prioritizing points on maps, learning better team work.

I was just barely a teenager by then, and we’d go swimming to take a break, then play for hours more. This was the game of my childhood.



My favorite memory was playing AOE II with my brother over a serial connection. We would turn the population supply down to 25 and then team up against 6 AI on hardest.


My favorite Age memory…

I was playing a game of Age II with a friend on the Italy world map against 2 AI opponents on a higher difficulty than we usually played. I got lucky and was placed in what would be lower France and my friend wasn’t so lucky and was placed in what i think would be the area of Croatia or Bosnia on the other side of the map if my geography is correct. My friend was surrounded by 2 AI opponents and getting crushed fast, but still holding on and trying to resist the urge to throw in the towel and resign. If you’ve played this map before you know that from my placement i was isolated and there was really only 2 options laid before me. With option 1 I would have to take the time and resources to build not only an army, but a navy to protect those forces while transporting them around Italy to get to my friend or i could take option 2 and cut through the narrow gap of trees along the top of the map where the alps are located.

Guess what option i picked?

I was playing as the Huns and i really didn’t want to build a navy so i started cutting through the trees along the alps from the beginning of the game because i wanted to avoid a navy and focus on building a land army. I was getting closer and closer through the small gap of trees and after repeated pleas of help from my friend my woodcutters had finally cut through the forest and made way for a massive army of tarkens and trebuchets that began to poor through the gap from the alps. I felt a little like Hannibal Barca crossing the alps as i slaughtered anything and everything that came before me. My friend was overjoyed and i can still hear the 11’s being spammed in the chat as my friend watched the 2 AI opponents getting beaten back from his town. We regrouped and refortified my friend’s town with newly built castles and by that time my friend was able to raise an army of his own so we banded together and destroyed the remnants of our enemies and won an incredible victory together.

I wish i had recorded that game for posterity, but unfortunately i didn’t and i regret not doing so. Regardless I will never forget crossing the alps to save my friend from certain defeat and i will never forget how together we destroyed our enemies and won the day.


Playing the opening moves scenario on the demo version of Age of Empires, I was six and was so confused as to how i was meant to build a base without a Tc or villagers . Found out how to Wololo the yellow villagers(amazing stuff blew my mind). Played it so much even made a strategy to make a forward base on the red island so i could steal their gold lol.


Age of Empires 1 was the first RTS i have ever played. The best moment…beating the campaign on hardest difficulty :smiley:


My favourite moment is not that much gameplay related, but I’m laughing everytime I recall it so here it goes:

I was about 10 when I got the RoR demo from a PC gaming magazine. Got super excited by the game and was hungry for more than the mere 3-scenario campaign the demo offered. When one of my classmates heard me babbling about that brilliant game, he offered to lend me his copy of vanilla AoE. Just asked me for a spare floppy and that would be it. I couldn’t believe I was so lucky.

Over-hyped and excited (come on, armoured elephants and scythe chariots! finally!), I put the floppy into the drive and spent about half an hour wondering what could be wrong because the game wouldn’t run. It turned out that I was given the desktop shortcut.


My best memory is aoell, I remember an online game 4v4 black forest that started 3:30 am and when I realized it was already dawning when the match ended, these were the best 2:30 spent with this game.


The favorite moment playing AoE? Hmmm… Just installed a game wich I found in a Box in my dads store and wait whattt? o.0 Little humans are walking around during the setup WOOOW Amazing. Hyped as fack I started a randome selected campaing and had only one old man. Very confused about that I walked around with this old dude and listend the first time in my life the today very well known “wolololo” when he mets an hostile civilian. Instead of killing him he made him to be mine… it was like mind blowing!!!


Favorite moment…having the demo installed on my computer and immediately loving it! 20 years later, there’s no better RTS series. Countless hours played :slight_smile: