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I loved the game so much. I would cut the grass, come inside, shower and play for hours. It was my favorite game growing up, I have so many memories. I would have to say my favorite is literally taking notes on how the pros played, and finally perfecting the Knight Rush. I was so proud when I pulled it off! And I was only about 13 at the time! I cant wait to play now!


First time i played AoE was in my cousin house. Years later one friend told me to buy a copy of the game on Steam.
2vs2 with AI enemyes, my friend was geting a big city on his islandnd while i was figthing the enemy that shared the little island with me, sudently the city of my friend was destroyed by tons of corean boats. Luckly he saved some villagers and started again in my town, but it wasnt easy, the attacks keept on and after 1 our of gatering we builded a wonder. When we won the enemy was just destroying the city, it was so exiting.


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I was like four or five years old when i first played the game.
My father was talking with my mother in their bedroom while i was getting bored in my room playing with some toys. I didn’t want to disturb my parents but i wanted to have some fun so i sneaked through the house to their room and sat down on the floor front of the door. I waited for a minute or two and then started to slowly open the door. That was the moment i saw my father playing with the trial version of the game. I stood next to my father and silently watched him play the game for 15-20 minutes. When i learned the mechanics of the game i told my father what to do more and more often. He was getting so annoyed of me at some point he said “Ok, now it’s your turn!” and stood up with my mom, went out and continued the conversation in the kitchen.
From that day i played as much as i was allowed to play.


me and my bro inlaw playing a 1v1 he was such a noob I left the game running went out to the car fitted a tow bar for the caravan came back into the house and he still hadn’t attacked,lollll


My favourite moment in playing AoE II was, whenever I used the editor to create my own maps and gold dumps all over the map. I enjoyed creating my own maps the most, but also liked the multiplayer.


My favourite moment playing AoE was when me and other 3 friends played mp 1vs3, I used to play in Zone and they not, so I was able to beat them all with chariot archers rush :slight_smile:

But before playing Zone, I remember talking about AoE with my friends something like "What? What are you doing with 15 villagers! you dont need more than 10 ! "

Old times haha


My husband and I used to play AoE all night, as our son was a little baby so we can’t go out and meet friends at weekends.
Now, our son is 16 years old and he is playing himself! Nice memories :slight_smile:


My favorite memory of AoE is simply the Scenario Editor. I used to religiously play around with that engine when I was a little kid (and I still do when I have the time). I loved the idea that you could just create your own scenarios from scratch and try to emulate the pre-loaded campaigns, create your own objectives, and just basically create your own history. It didn’t have to be historically-based; you could just use your imagination and create a campaign that involved Assyria or the Vikings (AoE2) that just came out of your creative genius. The sky’s the limit with both of those editors and I regret that AoM and AoE3 scrapped the campaign editor because it would’ve been cool seeing your own custom campaigns in more detailed 3D graphics!


My fondest memory of playing AoE was waking up on a saturday morning and sitting down with my brother and playing until the sun went down. It was our favourite way to spend a saturday after a week of mind numbing school.
Still play it every chance I get, as long as my old gold edition cd doesnt give me any trouble. Doesn’t matter though, this was the first game I’ve ever played and it’ll probably be the last one too.


I actually didn’t ask for age of empires, it was more like, passed down to me. Everyone in my family (Except Grandma and Grandad) had played it and were pretty good. Now i was a child and i had bad reading skills, so my family had to teach me. Mum told me how to forage and make villagers, my aunties told me how to build houses and other buildings, my uncle told me how to conquer. And i taught myself to strategise and plan ahead, building up my defenses and my army. My first victory, the night of October 5th 2007, is the fondest memory of Age of Empires I’ve ever had.


my best memory was a (1 on 1) 5 hour war on the original AOE. It came down to his last villager against my villager; all resources: gold , food , wood etc exhausted. Armies destroyed on both sides. Our villagers (Peons) met in the middle of the field of battle with nothing but bones to fight with. And we beat each other with the bones. And I came out Victorious. It was beautiful and a great way to end the night. Of course I have many more excellent memories pertaining to the greatest game ever created, but this one is one of my best :)!


my best memory was my first ever played game of age of empires 2 when I was 8 years old. The game lasted about 4 hours ind I lost to the easiest ai xD. So much to learn.


I was playing this awesome game with my little brother. In one game we escaped with one little ship and we rebuilt empire and win.


I’ve grown up with this great realtime strategy game. I’m so happy to relive these feelings after 20 long years in new awesome graphics!

Ich bin mit diesem großartigen Echtzeitstrategiespiel aufgewachsen. Jetzt das Spiel nach 20 Jahren in neuer Grafik wiedererleben zu dürfen freut mich riesig!


Best strategic game series(AoE II better than III).


I remember once where I played a match of the original version of Age 2 (when there was still serious splash damage) & just building up a load of Cannon Towers, They then proceeded to rain down great balls of medieval fire down upon my enemies as they tired to siege my town!


I was only a kid when I started playing AoE, took me some time to figure out how monks were sniping out my troops from a huge distance away while making that creepy sound… wololo


My favorite memories of playing the original age of empires was going over to play at my cousins house. Her families computers were strong enough to play it. We were like 10 when the conquerors expansion came out, we were so excited to get the game we spent a whole weekend playing it. Good times :slight_smile:


I was born in 2000 and i played my first computer game on 2004 which was AGE OF EMPIRES , after understanding and player after while i fell in love with it thereafter i played it on daily basis <3 , I still play it whenever my cousins come to my home. Waiting eagerly for the launch of age of empires definitive edition…