Age of Empires: Definitive Edition T-Shirt Sweepstakes!

Hey Age fans!

We know you are just as crazy excited about this new game as we are, and we thought that you might like a little swag to hold you over until you get a chance to play it :wink:

So if you’d like to be entered for a chance to win our new Age of Empires: Definitive Edition t-shirt leave a comment telling us your favorite civilization from the first game, or the Rise of Rome expansion pack! Or if you never got a chance to play the original, let us know the civilization that you are most excited to try out in the Definitive Edition:)

We’ll be closing this thread tomorrow June 15, 2017 at 2pm PDT. Our 3 winners will be announced the following day!


And our winners are:

I’ll be reaching out to you all through PM to get shirt sizes and addresses. Congrats!!

**Romans and Babylonians look awesome! :smiley: **

I loved Phoenicians because the naval warfare was so good with them (firing rate faster that any civ).

By the way, I am waiting to see if there are going to be new civs ingame.

Persians!! Those war elephants were so fast! hehe I’ll never forget that, hopefully they keep that feature :smiley:

I have never play the first game before, but looking forward to try out Persians civilization.

Persians FTW!

Assyrians were almost always picked in RM for their faster villager bonus and increased chariot fire rate, which was very important for chariot archers!

Siempre me gusto la música cuando exploraba el mapa y el wholooo de los monjes. Mi civilización favorita…los Romanos…siempre.

Los egipcios, griegos y cartagineses fueron mis civilizaciones favoritas! :slight_smile:

My favorite civilization from Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Expansion was the Carthaginians.

Definitely the Assyrians. I enjoy a challenge.

Greeks for their awesome tutorial campaign I’ll never forget!

Persians of course. We love the war elephants! They are war machines

Phoenicians, I don’t remember why but I think it was just the sweet name

Egyptians cause gold is already rare, and they gave a nice bonus on it

First, persians would like to check out. :slight_smile:

Choson! Loved their +range towers, and Legion-spamming was such a fun way to overwhelm enemies.

Sooo hard to pick…but I guess…Choson?! I just love the architecture and that tower spam <3 Every civ was amazing in it’s own way, but looking back I think I played this one the most :smile: Oh the good old days of waking up before your parents and sneaking in on the PC just to squeeze in one match before going to school!

I haven’t had the chance to play AOE 1 (I guess my parents didn’t buy the right kind of cereal in 1998) but I’m looking forward to playing the Egyptians, since you don’t get to in Age 2, and they have/had such a unique real world culture.

Most favourite was Egyptian. Hope to get picked for this swag!