Age of empires definitive edition windows 10 not updating

Anyone having issues not being able to update the game on the Microsoft store? Mine will not update at all and i cant play with my friends on steam (even tho it uses xbox live) someone please help

Hi @MMXMEMPHIS, Are you and your friends running the same client? More info on updating to the latest client here: Upgrading to the latest Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (Windows Store)

I bought mine from the windows (Microsoft store) and my friend bought it from steam, mine is outdated and it will not update from the store no matter what, I guess this has become a known issue now because there is a glitch in the system (I believe) that will not update the game through the “Get update” feature. Now cross platform is part of the update from what i know. The patch should let people from steam and the M Store to play because we have to use XBOX live to sign in. So I am hoping there will be another patch that will fix this issue.