Age of Empires I DE 0 Reset My Campaign Progress

I have the Windows Store version of AOE DE. I would like to reset my campaign progress. I have uninstalled and re-installed the game and I am unable to edit Windows Store files that I purchased so any dat file or anything is uneditable.
I don’t understand - I purchased the game. I therefore own the game. I should be able to simply reset campaign progress, why can I not do this? If I can, please explain how.

I have also tried deleting my C:\Users<username>\Games\Age of Empires DE\Users<xbox username> folder and it does not work.

Follow the video in this post to get control of the folder and reset your progress.

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This is not the answer because it causes issues for other Windows Store applications and purchases. I’ve tried this about 4 times and each time I had to revert because it corrupts my Windows Store other files. Not sure why Windows simply can’t let me control a game or allow me to decide to start over in a game that I have fully paid for and purchased.

You can try to install the game on a second pc. Then if you start the game at the first on that he asks you if you will use the saves from the cloud or local.
Maybe this works.

I hate when that happens, but it’s been good after microsoft help screwed up my computer and I had to do a wipe and clean install. So if that is not working for you, the only other option I have for you is to create a new xbox account. Back when Xbox was first out, (I don’t play gaming systems very often,) and you had to have a microsoft or hotmail account. They also had family plans back then, so we used my hotmail account and my brother used it and I was able to create one for my daughter. When they did away with the family plans, my brother was able to create an account using his yahoo email address. So he plays under both my hotmail and his yahoo. He starts the game with my hotmail account then he clicks on the profile and swaps to his yahoo account. If you truly want to start over that would be the best way to do it.

I just looked at the folder and not finding player information in there. I did however find it at
C:\Users<user name>\Games\Age of Empires DE\Users<xbox gamertag>\Config
I would suspect you would have to delete all of those, but definitely the .uh file. Let me know if that works please.

But in this way he must buy the game second time.

Not unless my brother’s is glitched. He starts the game under my hotmail address. Then clicks on the user at the top of the menu, logs out and logs in with his yahoo email.

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Okay, sounds interesting.

He gets a warning that his microsoft store and xbox accounts don’t match but he just ignores it. I’m gonna play with gamer tags and see and let you know.

Can confirm it works. Made a new xbox live account and am playing no problems.

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