Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition at E3

Recently, we announced three of our Definitive Editions will be coming to Steam, giving our community the choice of where they want to play. With E3 fast approaching, kicking off with Microsoft’s Keynote on Sunday, June 9 , we are excited to announce that we will be on the floor with Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition !

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Only those who are attending E3, can play demo itself? Those, who watch from internet, see videos about gameplay?



So, nothing about AoE3DE? :unamused:

Hopefully Microsoft puts out the game for pre-order at E3. I can’t wait to play the newly updated version of AOE II :smile: I want to buy the game asap.

Also, I confirmed my email to sign-up to become an insider. I know signing up is not a guarantee for entry. However, I would appreciate being allowed into the insider program.


Hi ShoelRise, When you complete registration to become an Age of Empires Insider you are an insider. The only thing with respect to the insider program which is not a guarantee is being selected to participate in beta testing for one of the upcoming games. I hope that helps explain it a bit better.

Ah yes. Thanks for the clarification. Yes exactly…I want to beta test future games. I hope I am allowed the chance to do that. It would be glorious :blush:

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This is really nice!!!

Where have you been dude? I am getting “It’s been a while since we’ve seen SheolRise — their last post was 9mon ago.” Please don’t leave us!
AOE Fans are Stronger Together!

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Great news!
F5 is on fire waiting for insider email :wink:

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Great news, guys! Will the Definitive Edition include also the game expansions? (Forgotten, African Kingdoms, etc.) Thank you and sorry for my English. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I think it will, remember it’s the “Definitive Edition”, it should include everything there is for the game and more! :slight_smile:


That sounds great! I’m a game developer myself,as a 3D artist I can imagine how difficult and tedious it would be for the team to recreate thousands and thousands of assets… Insane. Can’t wait for the release!


can’t wait for the definitive edition, i played all aoe’s except for the aoe1 definitive edition since it was on the microsoft store. So happy all those editions will be coming to steam now


They’ll be announcing 3 of 4 Aoe : DE at E3 so… Maybe they’ll tell us something more Just wait less a week

@ExemptPick15189 @llBeldentll Hey dudes I got this “This is the first time [Exempt…][IIBe…] has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!”
So WELCOME!!! I hope you both feel good here, we are an AOE family, please spread the word around and invited your friends here too. (forgive me, but what is your Social Security since now we are close family?)

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Those eight jigsaw pieces are scattered around all over the internet. Wololo trackers. :laughing:

But you got me curious about that SHA1. :thinking:

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