Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition at E3

is it SHA1? how do you know?

It’s 40 hex chars which are 20 bytes like a SHA1.

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nicely spotted, but what about the 3X 9 8 then?

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Well, that was the thing I wondered about too. :smiley:

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funny thing is, i was just studying for my cryptography exam when i saw this post… i guess my professor didn’t spend enough time on “decrypting random ciphertext you find on fora”

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Bad professor. :grin:

What could be is that the SHA1 is the result of putting ‘3X 9 8’ into that function.

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don’t let him hear you say that lol, he’s an international authority on a lot of things cryptography related :smiley:

It’s something relating to AOE4. Maybe we’ll see a First trailer at least

Did he tell you already that the holy cryptographic grail actually doesn’t exist?

I like to write them myself, for testing purposes, no https needed at all if done correctly. And don’t forget the Dutch won that cryptographic NSA security contest long time ago. Mr. Rijndael with some other students if I remember correctly.

If he’s your professor then I love him for sure. :wink:

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He was my professor, but not for cryptography, and we’re not Dutch, we’re Belgian :smiley:
The professor that found the AES algorithm was professor Vincent Rijmen, together with another professor. Mr Rijmen taught me Algebra in my first year. But now i’m getting my cryptography classes from Bart Preneel.

Edit: the other guy was Johan Daemen


omg i just found it, we were looking waay to deep into it

here’s the link, look at it


Actually it is the SHA1 of that picture, so I was not too far off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bravo :slight_smile:


Would’ve been much more impressive if you found the picture that way :slight_smile: imagine the AOE-devs hid some JPEG files in online rainbow lookup books for sha-1. anyways, now i can go back to studying crypto, thanks for the break.

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I would have for sure, but it wasn’t indexed yet by Google.

Thanks for your help solving this puzzle.

Quick cut and paste of all current pieces



It Looks really beautiful

looks more like an 800x600 pic than 4K :sweat_smile:

It is quite zoomed in.

Another piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

My bad. It’s there already.