Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition at E3

Isn’t that already in the picture

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Is there any thread somewhere (reddit, etc), where someone keeps track of all found pieces and merges them together? Should report about this piece there. We are privileged bunch currently, because most AOE 2 players certainly will not reach this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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I kinda like being privileged to the piece :slight_smile:

Another is in this page

I’ve only seen 3 bits, where are they hidden?

Searching an image shows this, new civ maybe Congolese? Screenshot_2019-06-06-21-24-42


2 on twitter, 1 on steam, 2 on facebook, 3 on the forums as far as i know

I think you are right. We might be missing pieces though. They have been releasing them in pairs. For 5/6/2019, they released only one.

What do you mean? which picture gave you that?

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I did not let privilege last for long :smiley:

Let’s see if you can take what you learned about yesterday’s :jigsaw: piece and apply it to today’s little perception puzzle… Good luck!

  • three and TWENTY-FOUR.

  • sixteen at 180 degrees.

  • two mirrored

  • four four eight one one eight four twenty-seven three six zero one zero four eight one six forty one sixty-six forty six six five five zero eight four four sixty sixteen three zero six


C’mon guys, solve it quick! I want to see another piece of the puzzle :smiley:

i found it! :smiley:
do the moderators actually care if i post the link here?


Not if you explain how you found the solution. :wink:

You already did and it disappeared 0.5 seconds before I could click on it :tired_face:
Please post it again :smiley:

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a bit distorted

it’s in the edit history of my post :slight_smile:

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i think this is closer to what it should look like


this is the one i’ve got

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