Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 35584

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Hotfix 35584

Welcome, one and all, to the massive FEBRUARY UPDATE for Age of Empires II! It may be a short month, but we’ve taken advantage of every day to put together a package of changes and improvements to the game!

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Eles escutaram a comunidade em algumas coisas. Isso é muito bom.

What are the graphic updates?

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No new graphics in this update

The unload hotkey doesnt work anymore with this new patch (except from units unloaded from a ram). This was very important. You use this a lot for example when you garrison villager in the TC and set a different waypoint, let’s say on a slayed boar, you use the unload hotkey for the vill to get out of the TC into the boar directly. My hotkey for that was Wheel Up, it ddoesn’t work anymore. And I have tried with other hotkeys as well instead of Wheel Up, it still doesnt work anymore.

Great update, love the original DE content!


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Why is the hotkey setting for Zoom removed?
Or i cant find them…

It has its own group now at the bottom ^^

Have found this major Bug:

A production building that is placed direct onto a wall and if you set the way point behhind it will spawn its unit on the other side like a siege tower would do ^^

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Just a quick thing, this thread title says “Hotfix 35584” but I’m sure it means “Update 35584”, as this is about the whole new Feb patch and not just a hotfix, right?

As for the update, I’m extremely happy with all of it except that I think that now the Mongols will be the only civ that has a Steppe Lancer worth making. The Mongol Steppe Lancers and the Chinese Block Printings are the only changes that the Dev team have made that I have disagreed with (besides accidental bug introductions that got fixed later, of course).

AoE2 DE remains to be the best version of the best game ever :slight_smile:

So, you mean, if you build an archery range against an enemy’s stone wall on Arena, for example, you can then set the gather point on the other side and hop over into their arena?

Really happy about the new update. I think you pretty much nailed it… Except for two mayor issues:

-mongols SL shouldn’t get hp bonus
-auto scouting should be an option in the lobby, and players should be able to chose if is available or not in the game.

Besides that, I’m not sure about the goth bonus… I should try them. And I think the only civ that still need some buff is tartars. Maybe give their SL the extra hp?

For the rest, great update!

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Till now just saw it with a sieg workshop but if it works with that maybe it works with everything couldnt try it till now my self .

I’ll do some testing that bug out tonight.

I say give the Turks elite skirm and/or pikemen (they don’t need halbs) but nerf their UU slightly (slightly!) so they’re less one dimensional. And ,yes, the Tartars need a buff.

But I also think that the Cumans aren’t very good anymore. Although, yes, the Tartars are even weaker.

I am happy with the Viet eco bonus but I’m not sure how strong it will actually be and if it will be enough of a buff for them. Time will tell. Same as the Goths really. Happy with the new bonus (I suggested it myself! (although that’s probably a coincidence)) for them too … but time will tell how good it is. Same with Teutons. It will be interesting to see how good the Vietnamese, Goths and Teutons are now. Love the bonuses. Will be interesting to test them out.

Quite like the buffs/changes too overall but the Mongols one dosent seem that good tbh.

DEcreasing the hunt bonus isnt that much of an nerf and more than worth to get +30%HP light cav, Hussar and SL !?

Those MOngol SL could be maybe very decent again for SL^^ but do they realy need any kind of buff ??

How do i complete the achievement in steam when i have the first game in microsoft store? @GMEvangelos

It’s not much of a nerf because it was only by 10%. + 40% faster hunt is still huge.

I’d be fine with them getting step lancers if their hunt bonus was recuded even more … but only if the Cumans and Tartars had Steppe Lancers worth making! As it stands Steppe Lancers are either still going to be over-nerfed and useless … or an already strong old civ will have useful step lancers but the two of the new civs won’t.