📜 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 36202

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Hotfix 36202

Happy Monday, everyone! We hope you’re staying healthy and happy, and think we have just the thing to help you part the clouds of March: a new UPDATE and a new CELEBRATION to bring the best of Spring straight into your home!

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wow love this update <3. lot of things thats been asked about.


May the Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition team continue seeing their hard work pay off in these very hard times so that AoE2 DE can continue improving on being a legend in the RTS genre.


Looks promising. Looking forward to play it.

They did not go far enough on the Goths. They were already an OP civ because of the Huskarls, they didn’t need improvement. They were just a civ that was weak early game.

Does anyone have a picture of the Heavy Swordsman before the latest update? I don’t recall what it looked like.

Yeah, this is a good update.

although many things got adressed with this update, now my name is censored for abolutely no reason. :frowning:

You mean: the civ that you could beat at its own game by just holding the Champion button pressed?(even before Supplies you could counter Goths like that https://www.cysion.be/aocbox/?p=541 https://www.cysion.be/aocbox/?p=908)

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Champions are an Imperial Age unit, Huskarls are available at Castle Age. You can spam Huskarls out way before they get a chance to go champions. I have a build order that I made and it seems to be able to beat anyone on Arena, the only way to beat me with Goths on Arena is if you rush me.

Steppe lancers get a bit of a general buff, some interaction with unique technologies for Cumans and Tatars, I’m curious to see the effects of that.

I’m a bit bummed the ****** ** ***** ** *****, *** ****** *********.

Well nice to see you soon on Vipers channel showing how you beat everyone.

Why don’t I see anything related to player color in the multiplayer menu?

To AoE 2 DE team and Forgotten Empires,

A big thank you for your constant updates as I’m very happy with all my suggestions/findings were implemented this patch;

  1. Art of War Missions which I have suggested in a separate thread have been expanded in-game completing the 9 principles mentioned by the narrator.
  2. Bombard cannons fixes
  3. Technology can be viewed while on matchmaking queue.

You guys are on the right path, no other team I can say have done a remastered so well.

Things to further improve include;

  • Spectator mode if it is possible similar to what Dota 2 has. Basically an Aoe 2 TV in-game
  • More server fixes
  • Official mods not being removed after events.

Thank you and always looking forward to every updates.

‘I have a build order that can beat everyone…unless they rush me’…lol so sure if things go exactly your way. That’s been the goth way if you let them build up without any issues they swarm over you. That’s why they don’t have good defenses so you can haress and attack them early. They work better in team games where your allies can cover for you.

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Yes, it makes no sense. Goths are a Ruh civ that is at it’s strongest in Castle Age. Pushing their bonii to Imp is just going to make them bad and unplayable at a competitive level.

The only way to fix that would be to give them Plate armor (Gothic Plate, ironically), but that would also make them less unique, and just a buffed up Generic Super Infantry civ.

They should give back the 35% Feudal Inf cost reduction, give Plate Barding armour so Goths get at least FU Hussars on lategame, where they suffer the most, and modify the pop bonus from +10 to +10%.

What? Castle age is the time of the game where the Militia line is at its weakest. Most of the time Goth players will rush with Xbows or Knights. On Arena they don’t have the option to go for a monk rush. I don’t think they truely are at their best in Castle.

Those 2 sound good.

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You switch to Huskarls at Castle Age as Goths, and Longswordsmen are still a good upgrade to your mass M@A, in case you have them.

Not at all, considering their Elite Skirmishers have no Thumb Ring, and their Halbs have no Platemail Armour, having at least FU Hussars would be good for them, not OP.

+10 pop is also inconsequential on a 200 pop game.

650 stone

That’s why I said “good” Changes , ie.that aren’t OP and make that make sense.