📜 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 40874

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Update 40874

This month’s update continues the trend of introducing a smaller (though nonetheless significant) list of tweaks, fixes, and changes to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. While brand-new features and additions are subjected to rigorous testing in preparation for the quarterly update, this month’s release still brings its own list of fixes and features to the game, as well as a new event with exclusive rewards to earn, and even a new challenge scenario for you to show off your skills to your friends!

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The leaderboard only shows me and a friend. Does it take time to update other players, as in Mongol’s event, or is it bugged?

Where are the balance changes?!

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In the previous patch, they annouced that this would be a smaller update; next update will probably be bigger.

Next month should be similar in scale as we amass changes to release in a larger, quarterly update.


And even I smell that if there willl be new balance changes (only if they even consider that), won’t be that ,much because the game is in a better state of balance than ever, only with a few isolated problems like the Portuguese and Koreans underperfoming or Khmer being unreasonably strong in team games.


Wonderful! Thank you so much, I love the Teuton event! Although I don’t care for the onager pretzels. The summer event was utter trash, but I am highly excited for the Teuton event! Please can you implement that all the civ specific trophies only appear at the town center of the respective civ? Mongol event trophy only at all the steppe civs Mongols, Tartars , Huns and the Teuton trophy only for the Teuton town centers and so on.

And make it possible to achieve the event objectives whilst playing with an exclusively visual mod active?


I wonder at what point balance changes will be more to keep the meta fresh than to just keep everything perfectly balanced, since even if you had achieved perfect balance, it would probably be more fun to at least change details from time to time so players need to keep evolving the meta


thanks bros!

i wouldnt hold my breath… at this rate it seems legacy players are hard on keeping things as they were… remember they played with literally the same 5(??) meta civs for years and years and years…


I mean if we only go by what a portion of the legacy players want, we would still have mangudai without fire delay and 5 pixel graphics because everything new must be bad, I think it is hugely important to not change the actual aoe2 gameplay feel, but I expect most players to prefer having a fresh meta, Viper for example said a while ago he really likes how the monthly updates keep the meta from going stale.

But I doubt you are ever “finished” anyways, there will always be something that deserves nerfs and buffs, even if it is only based on the playstyle of the current meta.


Cross-play is not available after this update. Windows store users can no longer play with steam users.

Save that post for the next month :smiley:

Yes maybe, but still want constant changes for a FRESH meta

And there’s still a lot if underpowered UUs and UTs to fix


Please make sure that everyone has updated your client to the correct build: 40874. Similarly, ensure that the ‘Enable Crossplay’ option is still enabled in your game options.

If both are true, please let our support team know so they can follow up with you one-on-one:


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That’s a good change ! Thanks for enhanced the game every month.

Hope we can see some balance adjustment for the next one, or for the upcoming 1 year DE anniversary !
Through my recent own game experience, I’ve noticed some points of improvements :


  • Towers and Castles kinda have a weird target selection right now : if they don’t have any units to shoot and there’s an enemy building nearby, they will focus the building even if new units coming in range. Maybe it can be fix by setting units as primary targets for defensive buildings, except if the player click a building like in towers war for instance.
  • For building’s group selection, I’ve always feel frustrating that you could add any building under construction to a group, except for TCs. (they will join the group selection, but disappear as the construction ended) Or maybe it’s normal, but I think it could be very useful :slight_smile:


  • General
    I’ve read a lot of topics about that, and I also think the Champion’s line in the current balance hasn’t its right place in the game. In fact they don’t have enough impact, and mainly serve at killing trash units and eagles. It’s too bad to see every infantry civs just going for xbows or knights most of the time…
    I’m convinced some small adjustments could made them better and worthy to play :
    _ Speed change to 0,9 to 0,95. It’s doesn’t seem like a big one but it would allows them to come in action a little bit earlier, and with squires reaching or escaping more easily to archers. (1,04 vs 0,96). Or maybe a little bit less like 0,9 to 0,93 if it’s too strong.
    _ An additional bonus vs buildings. Man at Arms (2 to 4), longswords (3 to 4), Two-handed swordsman and champions (4 to 5). I think it can reinforce their role and identity especially in early game -> their would be more threatening for players with palisade walls, and could be a great complement to Archer and Scouts to break in faster.
    _ Finally I think the main reason lot of players just won’t invest into them is the their upgrade times. It’s the only unit in the game to have 4 evolution’s step (260 seconds needed), which mean an akward transition especially in late game. To compare “Long Swordsman” tech is more expensive and take longer to research than “crossbows” for some reason. A good way to make them more affordable is probably by reducing their upgrade time by 25%.

The balance obviously need to apply to some UU, like Samurais and Jaguars for the speed bonus, and all of them for +1 bonus against building.
That’s all for infantry :slight_smile:

  • Bulgarians
    _Getting free Loom.
    In the case where Man at Arms get buffed, I don’t think Goths needs an extra dark age bonus. In my opinon free Loom made their fast killing boar’s bonus useless to be fair.
    On the other hand Bulgarians definitely needs an early bonus, as one of the few civ struggling a lot with early aggression with no defensive or economic bonus.

  • Indians
    _Get Battle Elephants and Elite Battle Elephants / The +0,+1 armor of camels apply to Elephants.
    I think it can be for sure a great option for this civ. They have a completely different role than camels, and would have a good complementarity with other Indian units. Indians being already a top tier civ at winning rate with a very strong eco, they surely need some nerfs to balance it (no guilds in late game, no supplies, or even no Elite Battle Elephants and just Castle Age Battle Elephants). I’m not sure about this one, but it could refresh a little Indian’s play style.

  • Lithuanians
    _Leitis gold cost 50 to 60. Castle Age Leitis attack 12 to 11.
    I believe they are kinda OP right now, compare to knights and other cavalry UU even without relics…

  • Magyars
    _Double the number of wolves on the map, if there’s a Magyar player in the game
    Recently Magyars take an indirect nerf in a patch, reducing by half the number of wolfs (4 instead of 8 in Arabia for exemple). I always thought the “one strike killing wolf” bonus interesting, allowing Magyars to send just one vil across the map to build a dock, a sneaky base or walling early. It’s wasn’t incredible but this gave them a small strategic advantage, and allowed them to commit easier in really unique game plan. Nowadays everybody can do that, and the few wolves have no impact on the game making the bonus useless. This balance change could be interesting in the way that Magyar would be a singular opponent, with this change in mind.

  • Persians
    _Mahouts become a Castle Age tech, and Kamandaran an Imperial Age tech
    _War Elephants cost -20 less in food (200 to 180)
    Elephants are the soul of Persian civilization, but are rarely played because of their slowness and are counter to easily. Maybe give them speed boost in Castle Age and a 10% food discount will make them more affordable, without being overpowered I think.

  • Slavs
    _Druzinha cost from 1200 food 500 gold to 900 food 400 gold
    Druzinha is an awesome tech, situational, but very unique. But at the moment it’s too costly to be a good investment in late game battle. In my opinion Slavs need more personality and lower the cost of theirs uniques techs could be a good idea. (they look a lot like aggressive Teutons, especially since Teutons have access to heavy armored cavalry)

  • Tatars
    _Keshik food cost from 50 to 65. Increasing gold generation ability from 0,36 to 0,5.
    I think it’s a fair balance, and a good way to put forward their unique ability.

That’s all for me ! Once again, it’s all based on my personal game experience. Let me know what you think and if it can be a good add to the game ? :slight_smile:

(Sorry for all English mistakes… :wink: )


can we get a tl;dr?

Straight to the point! This is what bothers me as well at times. Auto-aim for the win :wink:

I also agree on that. Even historically, infantry was the main core of the majority of armies. In my opinion cost reduction is the way, since it makes sense to see them lose to cavalry and archers, so numbers should be their biggest strength.

I still can’t put my finger on a particular bonus, but you are right. Bulgarians was the most ignored civilization choice in Empire wars duo. It was literally the last kid in the row to be chosen for dodge ball. #MakeBulgariansGreatAgain

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i got carried away lol
First time on the forum

Yes for sure ! Although they are really a tough one to balance correctly, I think it depends of the cost reduction cause Champion’s line may becomes a spamming unit and it will kill the game :grin:

I disagree. Bulgarian Крепость really gives them great defensive advantage, while being hard to take out. This is historically accurate as well. They also has cheaper TCs giving you 4 for 200 stone, which is pretty good imo.

Maybe we can have a price decrease for their UU, as unlike most armies, Bulgarians had cavalry as their core. Bringing paladins back, and changing stirrups to something like +15% attack speed but restoring the original dps that Konniks had at release.

Bargains isn’t as useful as other UTs, as it only affects up to long swordsmen. I guess versing a nation like Slavs with Druhizna (trample) would be ok for Bulgarians. I’m not sure but if they don’t already dismounted Konniks should gain some more armor.

Personally there are many other civilizations that I would not like to play as, Bulgarians aren’t that bad compared to them.

It is by no means too costly.
When you get into trash wars and you have Druzihna you’ve already won. Trample spearmen are so stupid :joy: