Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Update 54480

Hello and welcome to another release filled with exciting updates, balance changes, and bug fixes for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition!

Welcome to another release filled with exciting updates, balance changes, and bug fixes for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition!

We’re pretty excited about making today’s build available to you. Here is a quick look at some of the changes coming with today’s update:

  • The October Event is going on now!
  • New Maps have been added.
  • Spectator chat is now activated!
  • Lots of bug fixes.
  • Balance changes!
  • New Co-op Content!

And much, much more! Be sure to dig down into the post below to get all of the juicy details before hopping in-game and checking them out firsthand.

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Following yesterday’s Age of Empires II:DE Update 54480, the Team has been monitoring feedback and working to address issues identified by Community. We’re delivering some quick fixes available in Update 54684!

  • Resolved an issue some players were reporting in accessing the Edward Longshanks, Grand Dukes, and The Hautevilles Campaigns
  • Fixed a crash that was affecting some players at game start or trying to load into matches
  • We’ll continue to keep an eye on player feedback, particularly around the new Co-Op Campaign content that was released in Update 54480 – we’re anxious to take that feedback into the Campaigns still to come and do what we can to make some very memorable Missions playable for you again, but with a friend!


Why were the new civs not nerfed yet? The obuch cost, damage, and health is way out of proportion to every other infantry unit. Was the buff to swordsman supposed to help? 1 more armor means 1 extra attack from the obuch?


i’m glad they finally fixed the long swordsman, now there’s a reason to make them! I’ve played over 100 ranked games and i don’t think i’ve seen them used more than a couple times lol


Great stuff as always, thanks for keeping the game updated!


Where is Portuguese buff…


It’s a nerf and it’s on fetorias. Portuguese don’t need further buffs


Spect chat? OMG YES, DONT CARE ABOUT BUGS, i got used to them. Finally we hace spect chat.


Enhanced loggin will be available for III too?

You have wrong build numbers in the download section.

Oh ■■■■, the Extreme AI can cut trees now?! There goes the only way I could defeat them, by walling on Black Forest after tunnelling into a massive forest and building a Wonder in the middle of it.

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Game crashes for no reason when creating party on single and multiplayer, or when running the performance test. It has happened to a lot of people today, including pro player F1re. It is not solved by reinstalling the game or the drivers. Please fix this bug.

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I have multiplayer services connection issue. I hoped this update would fix that.
I’ve tried reinstall, firewall, xbox services, don’t know what else to check.Nothing changed on my PC and now I cannot connect to multiplayer

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So just more co-op content and custom deathmatch for the upcoming anniversary? I’m hoping we will have a major update for the campaign map background and menu interface. The mod manager needs some spring cleaning too or we can call it fall cleaning. There are lots of unsubscribe mods that are bugged and keep redownloading even if unsubscribed.


Yay, the faster cannon galleon bullets made it into the patch.

Also specc Chat!!

I upgraded my ram from 8 to 16 GB just to be able to play de without crashes when de first came out. But its great you have indetified the problem. And fixed it!

Again it seems you guys, do read the forum :blush: thx!

One point I missed: did you fix Portuguese bbt ballistic getting canceled by their UT? On the bug report for it last month your coworker said its known and being tracked. Pls fix soon.

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I need dem sweet wallpaper links!


Portuguese are literally one of the worst civs in game. They do need a buff.


Why is this post not pinned in the release notes subsection???


I noticed that i unlocked many profile icons: i was on 180 wins and now i unlocked even the ones which require 800 wins (Bombard cannon, etc…).
Maybe from now they count single player games as well, because i don’t have so many multiplayer games.
Thank god.

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Ok i wanna say something about 2 Things:

1: New Maps and why i dislike the way it is going
2: Why Longsword buff is a nice idear but doesnt touch their main Problem.
(Also my 1v1 Elo is between 1600-1700 normaly for context. Games play out differently on different Elos after all)

1: New Maps and why I dislike the way it is going:

If we look at the discribtion of all new Maps then most of these maps have a something like “Walling is hard, you need active Military”.
I dont think having open Maps is a problem, and we need some, but lately all new Maps are very Open, which gets out of Balance.
The nice thing about AoE2 was always the diversity. You had Arabia (old Arabia) which was kinda a middle ground Map. Arabia was open, but Wallable, you could play agressive, defensive and so on. you could do it all.
Then there were Super closed Maps like Arena and Fortress, or even Blackforest which are so closed that there is normaly no agression until Castle Age.
Then there were super agressive maps like Socotra, Acropolis and so on in which it was very hard to wall your resources and you had to go for a lot of Feudal age Military.

And then there are maps in between like Semi closed maps like Four Lakes or Hideout, where you can go more agressive like on Arena, but still normaly not all in Feudal, and semi open maps like Valley or african clearing, where you have some neutral resources to fight over in the middle, but still can wall your main base (so you need some Feudal Military to defend these neutral Res, but still can play more defensive around fast Castle as well).

Nowadays it seems like everything new is just Open or semi open, even the Middle ground map itself (Arabia) got made into a semi open Map with the woodlines and third Gold moved far away and also Map pools often dont have a good balance of Maps.
I understand that some people enjoy open maps more then closed ones, but in the same way some people enjoy closed ones more then open ones.
Thats because some people like Feudal agression and Feudal age the most, while others like to play lategame Games with stressfull Post Imp fights. But if the Map pool only has maps that are designed to be decided in Feudal age, then the Game loses an important Balance and becomes to one sided.
After all the Game has 4 Ages, and all 4 Ages should be equally relevant, which is why we should have Maps and Maps Pools which equally support Feudal Age al ins as well as more macro focused Gameplay which results in Imperial Games.

I would love if we get some more semi closed maps again like we did in the past with maps like four lakes or Hideout and not only open ones.
Also maybe design your map pool in a way that the map pool always has to have: Arabia, Arena, 1 Water map like islands, 1 (semi-) open Map, 1 (semi-) closed Map and then the rest can be voted on.
This way we have the standard maps (arabia; Arena), at least 1 for the agressive as well as Macro Players, and the rest is up to Votes. Could also take one more crazzy map like Mega random if wanted (even if by my experience Mega Random more often generates Semi closed Maps).

2: Why the Longsword buff is a nice Idear but wont change to much:

It should be clear that LS are kinda weak atm. Noone ever goes them and Milita line units are mainly seen either in Post Imp to counter Trash, in an M@a rush or to defend an Eagle all in.

Why is that:
well its simple: What are the Units we see in 99% of our Games in Castle Age:
Xbow and Knights.

The reason for that is pretty simple: Xbow can defeat and unit in Castle Age except Mass Siege and SKirms, while Knights can still somehow Match Xbow if in great Numbers and also beat any other Unit except Pikes and Monks.
Sadly an Army made out of Pikes or Skirms cant kill Vils (Raid) and also gets countered very easy.

The Longsword can deal with Pikes, kKirms, Siege, Monks and Vils, but it loses to Knights and Xbow, and still will.
Xbow right up destroy LS and 1 more Melee Armor wont Change that. 1 Pierce Armor could, but LS arent supposed to counter XBow.
Knights also still will beat them if not mixed with Pikes (and then you can mix Knights with Xbow).
Knights have high Armor, Dmg and dont need any Upgrades to be buildable. LS still need the M@a Upgrade, the LS Upgrade as well as supplies (and also kinda squiers). Compare that to Xbow which only need Xbow, while Xbow being one of the cheapest Upgrades with only 125/75 cost (LS with all ups costs 425/180).

Compared to Knights they also dont have a much faster production speed, but you need at least a 2 to 1 ratio to defeat Knights, which means you need double as many Baracks as the Knight Player Stables, and 175 Wood matters a lot in early Castle age (could be Farms or TCs).
To top it of Knights mainly cost Gold while LS mainly cost Food, and in Castle Age Food is the most valubale resource.

For all that wounder why Food is more valubale then Gold in Castle age:
Gold doesnt run out yet so all that matters is collection speed:
Food is the Only res that doesnt have an Upgrade that increases the collcetion speed and also needs Wood first to afford the Farm.
Gold and Food have a Base collection Speed of 0.38 for Gold and 0.32 for Farms, but Gold mining increases that by 15% to 0,437.
(Source for collection Rates: Villager (Age of Empires II) | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom )
On top of that with Horse Collar Farm you have 250 Food and needs 60 Wood to be build. In other Words 1/4 of the Farms Food you need in Wood first, or other said for every 4 Food you collect you needed 1 Wood, which is comparable to saying that every 4th Food you dont collect any resource, bcs you basicly collect the Wood you needed for the Farm.
This lowers the collection rate of Farms to 3/4 of the original to 3/4 * 0.32 = 0.24 which is ~55% of the collection rate of Gold.

This means you get only 55% of the resources when collecting Food instead of Gold.
If we now look at the fact that LS need 75% Food (70% with suplys), Knights need ~40% Food and Archer need 0% Food then we know why Knights and Xbow will always be better then Food based armys.
We also learned while a player with a scout opening can only afford a few scouts and then has to stop procduing to go Castle Age, while an Archer opening can non stop produce Archers and achieve a similar Castle Age time.

So what can we do to make Longswords actually viable:

We could do 2 things:
-1: We can increase the collection rate of Farms by a lo to compensate for the initial Wood needed. This would change the entire Meta of the Game because then Food based Units like Skirms, Spears and Scouts would become viable and we would move away from our only Xbow and Knight meta. Would be a drastic change which is why it probably wont be done. I think it be nice because then mixed armys are mroe a thing, but it could upset old fans of the franchise because its a Change.

(-2: more likely approach:)
Give Longswords a small Bonus dmg vs Knights (not Cav, just Knights) and decrease their production speed to not need double as many Barracks as Stables. Also give Knights a little Bonus Dmg vs Xbow.
This way we would have a counter triangle of Knights really countereing Xbow, Xbow countering LS and LS countering Knights, and by this we have a reason to build any of these Units.
Atm Knights and Xbow just beat anything else and are equal against each other, gatekeeping any other Unit from being a viable Castle Age choice.

(also i wanna point out all problems i talked about are specific for Castle Age. In Imperial Age Wood normaly becomes overflowed, meaning that Food isnt effectivly collecting slower anymore because of its wood cost. Also Gold becomes rare as well as Food and Wood overflowing, meaning that Trash Units can be used in great Numbers to counter Knights (which is why Knights arent used super lategame) and Arbs can be dealt with by Mass skirms and BBC/ Onager (which can be protected much better by mass Trash then in Castle age, in which losing Trash Matters because you dont overflow Food/ Wood)

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to tell me your thoughts on these 2 Topics. The second one is something less important, because we are kinda used already to the Knight XBow Meta, but the Map pool really becomes one sided in the past Months, which is sad because it takes away a lot of the diversity of the Game imo.


The ALT-F4/Queue Dodging update that just went live is insulting to a large portion of the player base.

For those of you that don’t know already, what I’m referring to is this, from 54480:

Alt+F4 & Queue Dodging: Included in this update is an initial measure aimed at discouraging queue dodging. Players who Alt+F4 out of queues will receive progressive timeouts and their ability to rejoin the queue will be affected depending on the frequency with which they disconnect to work around the matchmaking system. This is being deployed for the first time in this Update and we’ll be monitoring activity and feedback to see where adjustments may be needed.

This is a disruptive band aid solution to a problem that has not been fixed. The problem is: there are players that want to play only certain maps and are unable to do so with the current DE matchmaking system.

The ranked matchmaking system is challenging and fun and a great way to match up evenly with players of similar skill but some maps and playstyles are not enjoyable for all players. The maps with the most differentiation and are the largest source of Alt+F4s are: Arabia, Arena, Black Forest, Islands and Nomad. These maps demand vastly different playstyles and require somewhat unique skill sets. Players opt to play only the maps they find fun and engaging with their skill set and will drop out of a map they don’t want to play. Simpler: Some players only like and have fun on certain maps and only play those maps. This is not new, this is how the original ranked system worked and how the ranked system worked in HD. What’s new is the matchmaking system as opposed to the lobby system.

This proposed solution in 54480 treats those players like they’re wrong and bad for liking those maps and playing the game the way they want. Yes, I agree the Alt+F4 problem is a real problem and should be addressed but this idea is very bad for those players who feel forced to play a map they don’t like in a playstyle they are not competent with. This proposed solution will serve to limit the amount of queue dodgers at any one time but not because they are not there and not upset about the map pool, it will only hide them away and push them into a corner so as not to bother the other players. Great, now that player base is alienated and punished for trying to have fun with a beloved, cherished game. Mission Unaccomplished.

Further, this proposed solution is biased towards those want to play Arabia-style maps (More open maps with fixed starting points and focus on early aggression) because those are the most common map type. Every rotation there are a few maps that cater to those players (And fair enough, as there are more players that want those map types than any other) while there is only one Nomad, Islands, or Black Forest styled map. For instance in the current rotation of Team Random Map there is Arabia, Scandinavia, Mega Random and Valley for open map favoring players whilst there is one water map, two enclosed style maps (Arena and Hill Fort), one Nomad style and Black Forest. The map pool is already catered to those who wish for a certain playstyle and now with the current update the ones who do not wish for that playstyle in their games are being punished further.

A solution that serves all players would be this: infinite map bans. All players get to play only the maps they wish to play and there are no more queue dodgers. No more queue drops and everyone gets to play the maps they want with other players that want those maps. This is how it was in the original, this is how it was in HD. This is how it was for 20 years, why change this now and in this way? Who is to say how the game must be played and that if someone wants to play a certain map they must be punished? This game has garnered the love of people for 20 years precisely because you’re able to play the game in so many ways in so many styles with so many civs on so many maps exactly how each individual likes to play it. That’s Age of Empires. This proposed solution is an insulting deviation from 20 years of multiplayer AOE II and I and others are unhappy with the idea that players are now being punished for playing the game they want to play how they want to play it.

Reconsider this proposed solution and include all players in the fix. Thank you.