📜 Age of Empires III - Day 1 Hotfix

Hey Age fans!

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition released just one day ago, and we’re already blown away by all the support and passion shown by the community!

You’ve also reported some ongoing issues (thanks for your feedback! ), and our team worked overnight to put together a fix for several critical issues. In the interest of getting you a stable build ASAP, we limited the number of issues we’re attempting to tackle with this patch; rest assured that we’ll keep working, and plan to have another update for you next week!

Here are the issues we’ve resolved as of today’s patch:

  • Performance/Optimization: Fixed an issue causing a low frame rate lock on some machines. (1)(2)(3)
  • Localization: Fixed an issue preventing the game from starting in the system’s default language. (2)
  • Mods: Fixed an issue which prevented mods from showing as available for some players.

We know there are still outstanding issues for some users, and we plan to address them as soon as possible. Please continue to report anything affecting your experience at aoe.ms/support!

Thank you!

—The Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition team

(1) An outstanding issue remains where usernames employing characters such as emojis can result in severely hindered performance. This will be resolved officially in a patch next week; as a workaround, please consider temporarily removing emojis and other non-standard characters from your username.

(2) This fix is live today in the Steam build; it will be available in the Microsoft Store build next week.

(3) Please continue to raise any outstanding issues to our support team at aoe.ms/support so they can provide one-on-one assistance.


Awesome! Please also fix the blur caused by the games default TAA (one could offer other AA settings, or a sharpening option) :frowning:


We are aware of the issue and have fixes in the works! :+1:


Thank you, appreciate the fast patch but how come we Game Pass/Microsoft users need to wait next week?

Thank you all for the hard work getting these fixes out! We certainly appreciate the work and talent put into this definitive edition. I look forward to future updates and fixes for this game!

Most likely it requires approval from the Microsoft Store team, iOS App Store and Google Play are both this way as well.

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Please make it possible to see the decks from other players in the lobby!
Is so bad to start a treaty and after some minutes to have to quitt the game because not all players have treaty decks! It happens so many times that sometime i have no fun anymore to start/join a game.


Please bring Back the pr ranking System


You have to bring back some kind of rating system that is visible to people, is there something in the works?. Would be nice to Implement a NR.60 half map gamemode which allows you to build away from tc the last 20 minutes. And fix cards allocation in decks not beeing correct. sometimes a random card gets removed when clicking another one.


I can recap AOE3 experienced player’s demands on 2 threads, you only need to read the OP.

General issues at this moment

About social aspect in AOE3:


There is no PR ranking system in AOE3:DE? I thought you need to play 10 games and then you get your ranking displayed, it’s not the case?

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I love it. You clearly keep up your Game Quality. Keep up the great work microsoft
Congrats that you have to implement a hotfix on day 1, you really blew away my expectations of a hotfix on day 5, but this just hits all records…

Have you ever like… considered to, release a game when it’s playable/finished instead of stupid timelines?
But I guess the manager at the top needed that money asap so why release a finished game?

And guys keep in mind, AoE 2 DE on Release was even worse, Units could literally walk through walls

That there are people that still buying MS games on release is beyond me

Please bring back the old Home City system as an optional feature.
The new system makes leveling up the home city useless.


How the f do you install it. Bet I’ve been looking for the hotfix longer then it took to make the fix. Are these developers just taking the ■■■■?

On Steam the download should start automatically.

Foliage seems to kill my fps now, I wouldn’t think it would be intense???


What do you mean start automatically?

It downloads and installed without me knowing? It’s just fixed? Is that what you mean? Or do I have to wipe computer and download the 30GB game all over again?

And if any of those options are true. How the hell is anyone suppose to know this if the developers are not courteous enough to say.

In theory, yes Steam should download it in the background and you don’t necessarily realize it.
But since it is a Day 1 Hotfix it is probably already included in the 30GB you downloaded.

Can we get custom maps enabled for multiplayer please? Scenarios are there… why not custom maps?!

Absolutely ridiculous that this was present during the second-to-last beta but is now removed from the actual game.