[Age of Empires III: DE] Pre-Order The African Royals!

Age of Empires III: DE - The African Royals DLC

On August 2nd, 2021, Get ready to experience history from the unique perspectives of some of Africa’s most famous rulers: Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition– The African Royals is available for pre-order RIGHT NOW!

We’re bringing a new continent to Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, adding two brand-new civilizations and their magnificent kingdoms: the Ethiopians and the Hausa of Africa! Gain new Alliances with every Age and use your Influence to hire units and research technologies. In addition, experience 3 all-new Historical Battles, 15 new African maps, 5 new Indigenous African Civilizations to Ally with, and play your way through several new Achievements!

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cant wait to see them ingame, hope this wont be the last content we see for AOE 3 :relaxed:

when will we get some info on maps and natives? i am excited to see those.


So excited for this! and hopefully there’s more to come! So glad to support a game I have loved since it came out all those years ago

AoEIIIDE still has so much room to expand!

A few civ suggestions for future DLC: Italians, Danes, Polish, Navajo, Persians, Omani, Moroccans…


I’m so hyped for more contents. The game has huge potentials. Please don’t waste them.


Loving it! Already preordered! Keep em coming and I’ll keep buying em!


So Indians are one of the choices to Age-Up, good

Nice! And I spotted some QOL changes as well. Good stuff, already pre-ordered.


Great news , super excited for new content for my favorite game. Going to preorder now

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The Ethiopian units mechanic (closer it is to enemy → faster it attacks) seems fun.

The Hausa Lifidi Knight scares me a bit tho, with mechanics that kinda (in theory) breaks the counter system(dual-resistance)

Overall the civs seem VERY unique, congrats.


Kinda similar to the Carolean with Svea Guard (Above their counters)

Svea guard replace the melee resist tho, tho obviously no unit will really do amazing in melee vs them due to their high melee dmg.

Is this Tewodros II on the right ? I guess so

3 new historical battles and no new campaigns. It’s become a tradition: AOE3 will never have new campaigns, regardless of how many DLCs will come.

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Which ones? Do you care to describe?

Devs lose a golden opportunity to make something to remember

Don’t worry next one will add one I guess, if is Napoleon, excellent

I think the quality of life changes is mainly just choosing different shipment points for resources/ villagers and military units.


I’m looking forward to the African patch. I hope we can realize the great potential in this game.

Hey everyone! How are you liking the content our influencers are making so far? Any favorite things you’re seeing for the African Royals coming SOON!!?

If you haven’t seen the content yet or don’t know what I’m talking about, you can find all the vods and more live streams right here: