Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition IS FREE now!

Still not bad though.

But it will be like this if you simply set it “free” and leave it untouched for two months.

The game needs contents that are easy to get into like AOE2 campaigns. Otherwise if you’re not a heavy pvp player it only offers 2 weeks of real gameplay content. Skirmish vs AI is also quite deep but like I said in a much earlier post, the game lacks guidance to its deeper contents. Most players would only touch the surface (which is ironically much shallower compared to AOE2).

AOE2 is like 10 on the surface and 20 underneath. AOE3 is like 1 on the surface and 100 underneath. (absolute values)

Without that, the majority of the devs’ great works will be omitted and wasted.

I’d expect that number to peak again even with a small content update because many potential players would finish the sp contents and leave until there are new ones.