Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition IS FREE now!

You done a great works. AOE3de Is simply Amazing. I would like ask you this: are you involved about social aspects for all of AOE games? In this case, could we expect some other news for this franchise at Gamescom? AOMRe has been announced 8 months ago and we haven’t nfo .

Thank you so much.

Don’t share things like Device ID, those might be sensitive data that could be used to claim your identity when talking with support.

But about the hardware, it’s a CPU that is build for 15W but that can temporarily use a lot more energy that means depending on how your laptop is build you could run into heat problems, especially when it gets hot in your room.
If the computer gets too hot it will slow down to prevent damage which might cause lag in games.
Definitely don’t put your laptop onto something like a blanket that will trap the heat underneath it.

first 3 games of mine today have been people who start making vils at 5 mins lol

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Reminds me of the one friend I have been playing AoE 1-4 with for over 20 years who still doesn’t want to build a second TC because managing so many new villagers is too much work for him.

But anyway.
AoE3DE (7,573) has more players right now then AoE4 (5,365) and is even getting close to AoE2 (9,988) but that will likely not last for long.
The free test version is relatively limited and there isn’t even a sale for the full game DLC going on right now.

Some part of the higher player number could also just be people that waited for this patch.

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we’ll see how a permanent free demo affects player count
i’m sure other games would do similarly with one of those

ey we’ve all been there once, gotta be nice to new blood

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well there is a specific civ made for him… suggest it to him.


No, please, we don’t need more people playing them!

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and you got review bombing for this. Dev should file a bombing issue to steam. just saying

Review bombing? Where? I’ve seen one or two negative reviews for feeling “scammed” but that’s about it

surely more than 1 or 2. the recent review chart is telling. maybe they are not mostly from you language zone.

Well, recent reviews are at 85 %

85 % positive

But yeah… there’s been an increase in negative reviews yesterday (43 positive vs 42 negative).

Hey @jimmy19846071, thanks but I’m not associated with the making or social media communication of the game. I am just a fan of the game, a casual player and well-wisher at most.

For news regarding AOM RE, you should visit this section of the forum

Look Steam numbers lol.

I was surprised, it worked very well. I’m glad I’m wrong.

Would be interesting to see what percentage of users are using the free version.

We’ll see if it’ll have a long term effect.
I think it has changes that it does because a lot of people likely never tried it out because of the technical issues on release.
Also if you read on reasons of why people don’t like AoE3(DE) it’s often things that have been fixed/changed long time ago, sometimes even before the first Expansion but people just don’t care to check again.

I literally hate these dump negative reviewers who ONLY gave their feedback after 20 minutes of gameplay.


A big chunk of the negative reviews actually comes from people who played the game for several hours and don’t understand that as a new player you still have to purchase the DLC to get the full game, so they feel scammed because the game is now “free”.
If you purchased it before, nothing has changed for you.


Looking promising.

I think to keep the impetus it would be a good idea to plan some new campaigns for future DLC. They should be easier to make than civs.

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It’s win-win. A free version which gives more than enough idea how it plays whilst retaining a lot (ignoring the stupid people who feel scammed) just means far more coverage.

Then comes the conversions and the money… then more content later on!