Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Update 13.27885

Explorers, we know you’ve been eager for AgeofEmpiresIIIDE news, and we’re here with the latest balance changes, photo mode settings, and more! The 25th Anniversary event will also be live soon from October 25th - November 8th. :tada: :confetti_ball: AoE25


How is this different from any other balance change updates?

Looks like we will get a lot in this update. Thank you devs for continuing to support this great game!


They are doing some events where you can unlock profile icons and some other stuff like that for the 25th anniversary of the series . Check it out


That was already a thing. Unlocking profile icon and stuff.

Thank you so much devs. You are the greatest. We know you love this game. This update show us. Ottomans gets some love. Greetings from Turkey.


And by the way profile icons are lame. Nobody plays the game to see pretty profile icons only I can bet.

I never said that is a big deal just that that is some of the things their doing in the update including new maps and cards. Like what is your problem


Looks huge.
And a lot of features requested since KoTM seem to be implemented.

Also more fitting mercenaries is a great addition!

I would say this is more like the update that should have come with the new DLC contents.
But now it’s not the “expansion” era where an expansion is basically a new game. So it makes sense.


Ahh they did it again! Another great update filled with a lot of new content and sprinkled with smaller goodies.
Thanks, Devs! :smiley:

They just can’t help themselves to not feature new maps, cards, technologies, units, cosmetics and customization options every single time :sparkles:


Well, colour me super lame. As a side thing to the main game I think it’s pretty fun to collect them.


What a fantastic update, so much to go through.


Doomsayers BTFO! “AoE3 is going to be abandoned” my arse.

Thank you devs for this huge update!

  • Hero names: Added a new Randomize button to the Edit Home City menu in the top right that will randomize your hero name.
  • Deck names: Decks can now be renamed upon double-clicking them in the deck list.

A good start. Some more desired HC features:

  • Ability to reorganize decks, even give them unique icons;

  • HC customization respec;

  • Reset HC names (have you tried buying all the DLCs while your AOE3 is set to different languages? :grinning:);

  • Ability to “rebuild” the default decks without deleting your HC save files

  • Ability for a player to assign & display nicknames for themselves & their friends (on top of all the currently lacking community features, same for AoE2DE)…

  • Sacred Field: Cost reduced to 200 (from 250); bounties recalculated; hitpoints improved to 1400 (up from 1300)

Patch has many good flavor updates for European civs, but missed an opportunity for Indians - the sacred cow model, still a Holstein, should be replaced by the more accurate Zebu Cattle.


Bah punaise le patchnote est assez long à lire, en tout cas ça fait plaisir de voir que les dev travaillent toujours sur ce jeu :slight_smile:

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Bruh, they replaced Ottomans Hussars with Delis??.

Bah punaise suis pantois, les français sont globalement bien up si j’ai bien tout saisi.

Looks like a slight stats change together with a cosmetic change. I can’t say NO to that! It is a great patch!


This update is too big!


Looks like the new portuguese age 1 card hasn’t been added, can’t find it.