Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Update 15.30007

Today’s update for AoE3DE focuses on gameplay balances and performance fixes:

Rollout of this update should also fix the distribution of Francis Drake for some users, but let us know if this is not the case!


2nd straight patch without a WotH.

Nice work on improving communication WE.


same as the pup (20 characters)



(20 characters)

That would be too big of an investment.

What’s on the Horizon


Nothing (20 characters)


“They are understaffed.”
“They are not allowed to say too much.”
“It takes a long time to approve any social media activity.”
“Communication hasn’t been good for all of their games.”


Francis Drake’s skin is still locked for me after it was said to be fixed with this patch. Lots of reported bugs are there.

This patch was clearly rushed out. Why is that? does it have to do with next week?

Maybe we’ll get a hotfix like the last update. Oh, wait…nevermind lol


@lnfernoGalore I kindly request some communication. What happened with the patch? Why were the reported bugs not resolved?


I played one Skirmish match and it didn’t count in the Unlock Dutch Explorer Skin Event.

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francis drake still locked for me as well

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I’m perfectly willing to accept some bugs not getting fixed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any software ever developed that didn’t at some point have a bug that was later discovered, even after many years of patch cycles to try and fix everything. It’s just a reality that you can’t get them all, so you fix what you can on the schedule you have, get the software to a stable (good enough) state and release it. Swat the next round of bugs in the next patch. I’m ok with that, as long as the game-breaking ones get fixed before release and that appears to be the case.

But one thing they absolutely can fix every time is their communication. They took the PUP down with no communication. No post on Steam to say “we’ve completed the PUP. Thank you for your contributions to finding bugs. The new patch will go love on [date/time].” That literally takes about 30 seconds to write, proofread, and post. They posted patch notes without a “What’s on the Horizon?” as well. Communicating to fans what sort of continuing support they can expect for the game is a good thing. That, too, requires minimal effort. If you’re planning to fix bugs you missed in the PUP, fine, tell us. If you’re working on continuing to balance the game, polish the game with reworks, update the revolutions that really need it, great! Just talk to us! There’s no hard and fast deadline on the WotH list. It’s just a look into the mindset of the developers that you used to post and now don’t. We get stealth patches that just show up out of the blue.

I’ll forgive the things that are not completely within a developers control, but communication is something they can actually fix, and something they promised to do after the July PUP debacle. Don’t let those be empty words.


Please note this on the running thread for the bug to keep it all consolidated.

Francis Drake challenge finished, but the skin is still locked - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum

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I couldn’t agree more.

Whilst I understand the evergreen and golden child Age of Empires games take the spotlight and priority, there is still a huge appreciation for this game and I hope for many years to come.

Simple communication is what most of the fans here want. We can wait whilst the other games get the attention first, however to wait with no communication is a bit rubbish.


World’s Edge currently only cares about AOE2 DLC and AOE4 DLC, and will only use activities to unlock explorer skins every month to perfunctory AOE3 players. Instead of releasing a skin pack dlc.


But why does AoE3 get free patches with more stuff than any AoE2 DLC?

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Small nitpick but the promise of better communication actually was made right after the anniversary event. Clearly, instead of improving it, they’re doubling down. Really seems intentional.

Squeezing blood from a stone for the basics.

3DE patches have come with multiple campaigns? what.


All I know is that I want to buy some new AOE3 DLC soon to continue supporting the game, but Microsoft won’t let me…


They took the special effort to remove the what’s on the horizon part.
You see if they simply apply the old templates, the old what’s on the horizon (despite saying nothing) will still be there.