Age of Empires IV - Chance of a Neural Network Deep Learning AI?

Any chance Age of Empires IV can have a Neural Network Deep Learning AI as well as a human scripted AI? Microsoft has knowledge in making deep learning AI would be cool if they help Relic integrate it into the game.


Really, maybe.In (AoE 2 DE) at the highest difficulty level, the bot had a strong AI and he played like a person, maybe even better. :face_with_monocle:

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Could be quite interesting, indeed. Could devise different AI difficulties based on how people actually play the game and the limitations we humans have (e.g., we can only click and see so much at once).

Have a Beginner level based on neural network analyses of actual beginner players. Extreme level based on neural network analyses of top-tier players or close to them actually playing the game. And all points in-between; as well as be able to extrapolate beyond in order to challenge even the top-tier players in a human-like way.

There were conversations in the past about this type of thing. I thought there was an AoE4-specific thread, but can’t find it at the moment. Here are a couple old threads I found that you may like to view, though:


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New video touches on this topic. See 25m 30s for a short discussion on how they’re looking to use AI deep learning to make a more interesting AI competitor and to test game builds…


This is really cool!

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Hope to see the ai build wall in W formation or in LLL formation. A simple line wall is too easy to cross

Let’s be realistic here: The development of this game didn’t even have time to work on textures and animations, where the hell would they get the time and budget to work on ML based AI systems?