Age of Empires IV Patch Coming Monday, November 15

On Monday, November 15, a new patch will be released for Age of Empires IV. This small patch will focus on a few high-profile bugs and a balance issue related to Mongol town centers. More details to come, but we wanted to give a heads up about saved games, replays, and progress below.

What will happen to my saved games and replays?

Upon updating to this patch, you will no longer be able to utilize replays from previous updates. At times, saves will also be impacted, though we’ve taken additional steps to ensure your saves are not impacted by this particular update.

What about my campaign progress and unlocked content?

Campaign progress and all content unlocked within the game will be unaffected.


dope can’t wait to read the patch notes, really love the devs are very responsive and agile. hope they all can keep up this energy for a long time. The game is dope btw and really enjoying it.


Agile? About as agile as an elephant in a tutu. But glad it’s finally getting addressed.


Hope we can get some acknowledgement from the developers on current issues in the game. An additional roadmap would be appreciated.


What about the Rus Warrior monk that can duplicate relics? Is that going to be left untouched?


When will the French be nerved?

They are ridiculously OP atm, please tackle this issue soon


I honestly cant tell if you are being serious or sarcastic.


Why because he has a different opinion than you?


That is great, but apart from the glaring issues and bugs the game has right now, it definitely need more work and it would be great to see what the developers thinks about all the issues that has been pointed out from the community and if they even intend to work on fixing them.

Just to name a few :
-Lack of customizable hotkeys making the game unplayable for many people coming from aoe2:de
-Total unbalance between the civs, French top tier, Chinese and delhi really struggling (also nest of bees doing less damages than mangonels due to a bug)
-No global production queue visual like it’s the case in aoe2:de
-Inability to make the minimap bigger and more readable
-No random civ option

There are many others but those are the most important issues I saw coming up very often on reddit.


same. keep up the good work. the game is great so far. once everything is polished this will be a masterpiece.


Bare minimum should be French hulk fix, Mongol TC fix, Rus relic fix, demo ship fix, and some decent French land fix, eg remove ridiculous villager speed bonus would be a good start.

And then a bunch of qol life stuff that could be easily hotfixed would be nice as well, teams are actually in order, option to turn off profanity filter, fix hitboxes on relics/sheep/fish, replays actually work without having to restart client etc.

At any rate thanks for the update and we all love the game and are very excited to see some progress towards becoming the game it can be. The game has a ton of potential, let’s hope it is given the support to actually realise it.


Will replays stop working every time there is a patch?? Or is it just a one off as this patch is fixing the broken replay function? it’s a shame to lose access to older replays.


I hope for a lot of balance changes. Chinese need a bunch of bugfixes, buffs for Nest of Bees, improvements for Tax collection (dropping Tax at keeps is one of the big ones) and in general need some tuning on their special units.

French need a giant nerf. I can’t stand them anymore. Remove faster villager production. Move chivalry upgrade to Age 3. Nerf Early Knight stats in age 2. Remove Hulk from Age 2.

And most important of all move the Dynasty button!

Also better hotkey customisation please!


it’s the same for every game, and yes it’ll be the same for every patch
If you don’t wanna lose your moments of glory you can record your replays as videos

Probably every time. This is expected and normal in RTS as replay is just a bunch of instructions one after the other are relies on a set game ruleset or it will desync.

It is possible to fix by saving old patch data and having the ability to rollback for that replay’s patch, but it would be a decently hard task. We’ll have to see how fast the devs can work through the 100 bugs that are pressing and much easier to fix before getting on to more complex stuff like rewindable replay, old patch replay etc.

I wouldn’t expect anything like that for at least 6 months considering how little the game has progressed in the 2 months since we’ve first seen it.

100% with you on this
The game has great potential but it really requires a dev team to work fully on this because it needs lot’s of improvement if it wants to have any future.


Please don’t need mongols too hard they my main I don’t want to main other civs because it gets nerfed to the ground


Please nerf French. It’s so boring playing against the same OP civ every second game. Their bonuses have no downside while HRE for example can have an insane eco but you have to spend gold on prelets and they can die fairly easily. French get an insane eco from the get go with their faster vil production, cheaper resource drop off buildings and cheaper eco upgrades. Not to mention their military which is top tier as well, op knights, crossbows and can get them all for cheaper if you place them around castles (which can be even cheaper with a unique tech from the castle). Have second best handgunners due to them being cheap around castles and strong siege from landmark in age 4. Civ literally has no weak points.


I would prefer people adapt, if they can’t find a fix then change something slightly, everyone bandwagoning like this isn’t healthy for the game because it will end up with every race being a clone.