Age of Empires IV — Server-Side Patch 14681

In Server-Side Patch 14681, we’re bringing you changes to Mangonels! We recognize there’s been a lot of discussion around Mangonels, and we believe these changes build upon the unit’s uniqueness. We’re always open to more feedback, however! You may also be excited to know that the HRE’s Prelates have remembered how to shuffle their feet and no longer get stuck when inspiring their allies.

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So, devs able to nerf more Sliver trees and Mangudia when they are not very good already… Kurultai got no changes.

Mongol build got affect the least is actually tower rush into fc, which is the meta play… Non-meta game play actually got acffected more than that.

Doing this creates more risk in setting up outposts closer to the enemy base.*

No, it doesn’t change much. Especially when you build tower during age1…


Hello. After I installed the patch I cannot start any game. I played campaign before and everything was going smooth. After one campaign the game asked me to install the patch. Right after I install it the game crashes to the desktop now when I want to start the game… What should I do?

Is it possible to uninstall the patch?

Only a few vocal people complained about archer/xbow mass now ruling supreme (which i like), this patch creates the same old siege wars with 1000 mangonels again…

imo, aoe should NOT be about siege wars and men-at-arms type units such as Goths or Wood raiders and Elephants should be able to destroy 100 mangonels easy.

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They only counter archers now. The issue before was that mangos could destroy anything. Also, archer meta led to very long games, it should be much better now


I’m a bit disappointed to see delhi lategame isn’t getting any changes. I avoid playing delhi at all costs because if the game reaches imperial age, I’m just screwed

Its a server side patch so it can’t do everything. However what it did do IMO was huge. I have for a long time been saying and reading about starting HRE with a prelate alreasy fielded. Very good change and it actually allows HRE to cheeese dark age tower rush!!

Khan killing sheep while chasing enemy scout back home was beyond stupid and a disgusting design because it had no counter…

Lastly the mango change increase the hit area by over 30% and now does bonus damage vs range?!! It needs to have bonus damage vs scholars too… and NOB are officially ■■■■ again…(they were always ■■■■■■ but the previous mango nerf made them look better).

  1. Hopefully we get fixes soon to villager 12 melee hack.
  2. The ability to ungarrison/produce units out of a building at any angle we set our rally point.
  3. Range/melee attack priority (bio units > ships > siege > buildings)
  4. Ability for static defensive to shift click targets

This mongol change is going to make the civ unfun. it also does nothing against the tower aggro it’s supposedly aimed at. It feels really bad to have their speed pop in and out as it does now. Relic is pretty confused about how their game works.

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i agree, overall great patch especially with golden league finals coming up


Mangonel swarm is back and now we have no choice but to make Springalds again.
Can Chinese players just get mangonel as an option and not be forced to always use nest of bee?

Also it seems English is getting more OP now with LBow, MAA and increased attack speed mangonel.


the time saved in the prelate makes it feasible to get another scout


mangonel damage should justify its cost and population cost

Here is another idea that imp technology that allows NOBs to be 25% cheaper move that tech down to castle!! Otherwise having less accurate splash, shorter range, easier to dodge and higher gold cost is obsurd!!

OR reduce the hit radius of the NOBs but increase its accuracy to where 6+ rocks hit thr designated target!!

The problem is It takes 4 NOBs in order to get ROI. Overally a nice idea, but I think it will be underused especially since mangonels are back and springalds would be prioritized over this tech.
Critical mass for NOB is also around 4, while for mangonel it’s like 3 or 2 now if enemy has a lot of ranged units (600 resource saved). I think it’s better to buff either accuracy, damage (increase projectile), or aoe so the critical number could be the same or less than mangonel.

The old mangonel had 1.25 area of ​​effect, they went down to 0.75 and now it’s 0.87 and a little bonus against ranged units. Stop being catastrophic.


1̶6̶% +35% in aoe, +50% damage to ranged is considered “little”. Start learning to count :rofl:

ranged units have the advantage of moving back and attacking, microcreating is a good idea to counter spam from ranged units

It’s hard to believe this change was directed at tower rushing. Someone would have to hyper focus on tower micro play and ignore everything else Yam Network touches for Mongols.

I’m curious if we’re seeing the groundwork for Dev’s trying to unweave Yam Network from being a “too good to not take” to something more map/build order/play style dependent.

I find the lack of game knowledge of meta and skills in this thread, yet commenting the balance change, disturbing.