Age of empires IV should be Free or Not?

Yo i’m think Age of empires IV should be Free!! like starclaft 2
if you need to become a best RTS game on stream

are you think so or not ?

They need to make profits though and i can’t see how that would be possible with AOE4 being free.

Personnally i don’t mind buying the game it’s not that expensive especially if we play as much as we played AOE2.


Of course not, people worked for this product, you should pay for it.
Starcraft 2 wasnt free either.


yes but not now.

The idea would be to make it free later but players can only choose one of +/- 5 civilisations in multiplayer.
Those 5 civilisations change every week.
They also can’t play the campaign.
Custom maps and Skirmisher are completely free.

But this needs a larger list of civilisations so we need to wait a few years.


No, they need the profit in order to keep making content.


you think starcraft 2 started out as free? it wasn’t free for like 6 years.


Unless the base game was for free, the extra civs would be a separate DLC.

The base civs would encourage you to download the game and decide to buy the remaining civs.

I´ve also once thought about it and it doesnt sound like a bad Idea to me, because:
People dont really play RTS games anymore and they dont want to spent money on a game in a genre they dont really like. They might sell skins for your troops for your money (I know it won´t happen im just going through some possiblities) and pay the game that way. On the other hand this game is a full price title and might be ruined. It´s just people dont really want to spent money on games so there is a way to get mainstream and have a bigger playerbase but It wont happen. If this is a good or a bad thing ?

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No, iam not a big fan of this business model, just as someone said… they need the money for good content and i also prefer the good old expansion instead of this small dlc crap nowadays.


This could work. But I agree with your point about it being too early.
Perhaps in a couple of years this could be a solid possibility. Maybe after the third or fourth DLC.

dude?! what’s wrong with you? Did you BUY some food to eat or you just go out and eat food FOR FREE?

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You know what. They should update the obsolet AoE2 (2013) with the current balance changes from DE and make it free as a marketing stunt for AoE2 DE, AoE3 DE and AoE 4. Just to attract more people to the AoE franchise.

Following this approach:

starcraft is still not totally free… u still need to buy commanders which are the main things in multiplayer


Being free implies greedy other ways to get money from your player base like loot boxes. I’ll be happy if Age of Empires as a franchise stays away from that.


we dont need cheaters in game

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You only need to buy commanders for coop, not regular multi-player

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wait… i tried to play regular multiplayer but they didnt let me chose other commanders except the main ones

No. Free Games usually have horrible Pay to Win mechanics. I’d rather just shell out the 60-70 bucks AAA title price and just call it a day at that.


there are no “commanders” in regular multiplayer, only the 3 races (aoes equivalent of civilizations). what you are talking about is co-operative play.

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I forget to say its also in the gamepass so you have the opportunity to spend 12 bucks and play (test) AoE 4 this way.
So Free to play has no needs and tbo its anyway a ridicoulous greedy business model… where you have to buy every little crap about these annoying microtransactions.