Age of Empires IV — Update 8324

Age of Empires IV — Update 8324

Starting today, you’ll be able to install Update 8324 and enjoy the latest features, balance updates and fixes Age of Empires IV has to offer!

If you’ve seen the Age of Empires IV Community Roadmap, then you might be surprised to hear that Winter 2021 was coming early this year (for both the Northern and Southern hemispheres). What can we say? We were really excited to get the Winter 2021 update into your hands!

With this update, we’re bringing a few key feature additions and changes based on your early feedback, along with bug fixes and exploits referenced on various Age channels.

Update 8324 also introduces a substantial number of balance updates. Many of these updates (more than 100!) are in response to callouts you’ve made and will promote challenging and exciting opportunities regardless of which civilization you’re playing as or against.

Before You Update: Please note that upon updating to build version 8324, you will no longer be able to utilize replays or saves from previous builds. Campaign progression will not be impacted.

We look forward to continue hearing your feedback. You can post in our Age IV forums with your thoughts at any time.

—The Age of Empires Team

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Definitely worth a read and after a quick glance - looks… more promising than I was expecting I guess. Still, when it comes to balancing changes some issues seem to be addressed partially or not at all. The same goes for various minor features and customization options, expected to be there already day1.

Update reviews:
:zap:Viper: Age Of Empires 4 Update Review - In Depth! - YouTubeThat was a massive letdown. […] I feel like it did nothing.
:zap:Hera: HUGE NEW UPDATE RUNDOWN AOE4 - YouTubeAs far as the balance changes it really felt like they were out of touch with the meta.
:zap:AussieDrongo: Age of Empires 4 - The First REAL Patch Is Here! - YouTubeOverall I think this is an absolutely amazing patch, I think they’ve done an incredible job.
:zap:Age of Noob: AoE4 - Winter Update Summary in 10 Minutes! - YouTubeThere’s still quite a long way to go as there are still many bugs to iron out but this is a good first step.
:zap:Spirit Of The Law: AoE4 Winter Patch Highlights & My Thoughts - YouTubeI think the focus on bug fixes more than balance is definitely the right approach.


Still unplayable. handcanonee

No buffs to Landsknecht and nerf to emergency repairs.

My friend has downloaded it and is playing the new patch… I cannot seem to get the update done. Neither through the Microsoft Store nor the Xbox app…

Any suggestions? Have restarted PC already :smiley:


I am very surprised that horsemen got nerfed so much. They seem to be about the same against ranged now and much worse against melee.


Horsemen for their cost were already inefficient. Pretty sure the devs are just running their little mindless test tool, and not testing Archers versus Horsemen in real world situations. Losing 30 health to gain 1 ranged armor is terribly insufficient. Horsemen cost needs to be reduced to even be usable with this change. Welcome to Age of Rangecraft, namely crossbows.


Not sure how I feel about Sacred Sites being removed from Black Forest in favor of Gold mounds. I feel having sacred site win condition adds a lot of depth to the game as another potential win condition as well as acting as an Anti-turtle mechanic (forcing players to interact more, in a sense). Removing it from this map is not good for the consistency of the game in my opinion. Just from a systems perspective, it’s generally not good for 1 map to have a different set of win conditions (i.e. newer players can be confused or forget why they can’t go for a sacred-site win in the castle age if they wanted). Not to mention 1 of delhi’s unique techs (Sanctity) is useless on Black Forest now?

Will Black Forest still be in the ranked/matchmaking pool or relegated to a custom-game only function like the implementation of in-game player Scores?

I’m not sure what they mean by “We found through playtesting that the map plays more to the gameplay intention of Black Forest without the Sacred Sites victory condition…” I don’t view sacred sites as a gold generation mechanic (although that’s a nice bonus for it to have). Players can trade with neutral market and collect relics as well for indefinite gold income. I’m not sure how removing indefinite sources of gold (sacred sites) with definite sources (gold sites) improves Black Forest gameplay.


Where is the springalds nerf? Do you guys even play this game at all? How could you be so out of touch


i honestly never saw horsmen during my games almost always kts archers and m@a
maybe lategame cheap spam horsmen thats it


horsemen nerf has to be about the dumbest intentional change ive seen in a balance patch since i started playing games


Glad this mechanic will now be more apparent in gameplay.


Player still cant choose targets with town center/castle/tower. If you want game to be more dynamic, then you should make rams cheaper or smth, but cutting out such a great micromanagement mechanic as targeting units is a bad idea in general imo.
The horseman nerf is also out of nowhere. Most games are about all-in pushes with rams or snowball with springalds/bombards that counters basicly everything.


Have you found a solution yet? My friend has the same issue


I didn’t expect that they didn’t fix the wrong loading animation of Nest of Bees. I am sad. Although many other fixes feel great, some also surprised me, such as Horseman’s changes.

As for Springald, maybe improving Crossbowmen will make Springald look bad? I’m not sure. In short, I look forward to subsequent changes!

Hmmmmmm… Interesting 3 Dots I am surely able to click and update the game. (missing update in action) Seems legit Microsoft.


This horseman nerf makes the mongol even weaker they were in feudal and even more non-cavalry civ. The only option now is mangudai harass which is costly and really risky.

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So many things changed :smiley: another proof that the preorder was a sort of a scam. Imagine buying house with that amout of bugs :smiley:

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So it is not just me…

My friend on Steam had no issue but Mine shows nothing

I have the same problem, my friend is actually playing on steam and i am playing from xbox game pass, it says that we have 2 different verions