Age of Empires IV - Weapons of War: Nest of Bees Rockets


Game looks pretty good


love the sounds they make!
super playful but also terrifying to fight against.


This unit ruins China for me, it just looks so bad without a crew. I do not want to use them or play vs them. A couple others look really lacking too like the bombard and all of them really…

The rockets look OP, that range and constant stream of fire… could have been so great a game…


I honestly don’t understand why people are calling it OP, I have faced it but with good cavalry management I was able to destroy them. I was playing as mongols and I had Yam tech and outposts in my range. This unit is fine the way it is, I hope they don’t nerf it to oblivion.

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they can be a pain like all siege weapons, personally I think its cool they added the bottle rocket arrows that they really used in combat

Lets face it, it will probably be nerfed into oblivion in spite of the investment they are to build and keep alive


its a cool unit, but would be a lot cooler if it had a crew… im Jaded… and I said looks OP… I dont know its attack, hp, etc… just that a long range steady stream of attack is usually very cost effective.

be careful if you are under NDA.


I fear there will probably be a lot of small beta leaks now because they decided shut down the beta forums so the ones in the beta do not have a separate place to talk


oh I did not realize that… I have heard a few rumors about this unit and I am not under NDA but still hesitant to say anything.

AoE is never a realistic game, there are other games that have this premise, not AoE !!! Understand that AoE is a game of strategy, like chess !!! In AoE 3 they wanted to change that, but for a lot of fans it didn’t work out !!! AoE 4 is based on AoE 2, which is the game, which has that base !! It is equal in terms of the proportion of the structure or tree and etc, none of this is what matters in AoE, it was never that!!!


There is no need to have a crew on the siege weapon as it would be unnecessary for the AoE style of play as it would only be aesthetic, we care about the stability and balance of the unit !!!

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many even want a lot of population in the AoE game, this is not the AoE style!!! AoE is a game like micro management chess!!!

Tbh this isn’t a real weapon in chinese history, more like a myth and denied by history researchers.

I don’t know where do they got this from, maybe from the korean movie The Divine Weapon (Singijeon) which got heavily criticized.

But even aoe2 wasn’t realistic anyway, just look at War Wagon of Korea.

AoE4 is not equal to AoE2 in building size/scaling. AoE2 does not always have realistic scale but the super small production buildings/castles and laughably big walls in AoE4 just look comical in comparison.
AoE2 finds a good middle ground of scale that AoE4 still has to find for some buildings. Scaling issues like this make it looking more like a mobile game than the art style which is fine imo.

Besides that, simply putting visible crew on siege doesn’t have to change the gameplay in the slightest, it’s just some work.

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gunpowder is very attached to chinese history and the region in general.
The nest of bees seems to be more based off of the Hwacha.
But yeah ultimately the series has made fun creative choices with its setting.

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yeah they already have the assembling animation with holographic silhouettes

I lost my entire 120 units for these bees…I hated haha

That’s what’s cool about AoE, now you have to study the best way to defend yourself from this weapon!! That’s what AoE is, a strategy to deal with various situations !!!

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AoE is micromanagement in the details!!! AoE equals chess!!