Age of Empires Online

It seems that Age of Empires Online is available through Project Celeste mod project! It is completely free this time, no way to spend real life money it.


sweet, thats’ a good news !!!

Going to try it out (never was able to play it before), though should AOEO be included at They have aoe1, aoe2, aoe3, aoem and the up and coming aoe4 but nothing for aoeo, is there a reason?

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Well Microsoft scrapped AoE:O back in 2014 and it was revived by modders as Project Celeste in 2007. So it isn’t managed by Microsoft. (Therefore not generating revenue)

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That is a bit sad, Chris Taylor worked on the game so i am looking forward to giving it a go.

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I wish Microsoft revives AoEO and hires celeste guys


Well, they deserve it

The core gameplay is really good! Compares quite favorably, imo, to AoE2 and AoE3.


Celeste team is doing amazing work. Slap some logos here and there, pay for more artwork and ads about the game and you can say this is a normal, official support.
I’m having zero issues with anything.

It almost makes me sad. These guys totally deserve some funding and support from Microsoft. The have a fantastic title in their hands. With some work I see it bein re-released on Steam as f2p with EP premium currency to get cosmetics straight away without grind or farming login rewards etc.