Age of Mythology II Poll

What era would you like to see for a potential Age of Mythology II? Would you like to see additional mythologies from around the world? Would you like to see units and creatures from medieval or colonial folklore? Would you like to see an alternative history where the gods influenced human technologies? Select as many or as few options as you would like and leave a comment if you would like to further discuss any or all of these directions for a potential Age of Mythology II.

  • global mythologies
  • medieval folklore
  • colonial folklore
  • alternate history

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I would like to keep the originals, and add the Japanese and the Aztecs too to the roster! Their gods, creatures and also units would make a perfect combo. For the timeline i would stay in the same ages of the AoM 1.


I’d prefer more of a DE style release with added civilizations and their mythologies.


I’d have prefered a focus on pre-christian era, maybe with more sumerian and asian animist content. What about south-american native mythologies too ?

Yes besides the Japanese, Indian, Chinese and Polynesian Mythologies for Asia.