Age of Mythology II Poll

What era would you like to see for a potential Age of Mythology II? Would you like to see additional mythologies from around the world? Would you like to see units and creatures from medieval or colonial folklore? Would you like to see an alternative history where the gods influenced human technologies? Select as many or as few options as you would like and leave a comment if you would like to further discuss any or all of these directions for a potential Age of Mythology II.

  • global mythologies
  • medieval folklore
  • colonial folklore
  • alternate history

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I would like to keep the originals, and add the Japanese and the Aztecs too to the roster! Their gods, creatures and also units would make a perfect combo. For the timeline i would stay in the same ages of the AoM 1.


I’d prefer more of a DE style release with added civilizations and their mythologies.


I’d have prefered a focus on pre-christian era, maybe with more sumerian and asian animist content. What about south-american native mythologies too ?


Yes besides the Japanese, Indian, Chinese and Polynesian Mythologies for Asia.

I would add a bunch of new mythologies.

One interesting would be Jewdaism.

You could start as a jewish civ at the first two ages and depending on the main “god” you can end up as two different varietyes of either Christian, Jewdaism, or Islam… Their “giants” could be in Jewdaism (daniel the giant killer, kills giants easily, small boy with a sling). In christan “giant” could be Jesus ( heals people in a radius, can walk on water, rasises people who died up again). In muslim religion “muhammad” a warlord. Myth creatures could be different angels. It would ad som pretty interesting dynamics to the game because they all oppose the polytheistisc religions.

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Maybe you could add slav mythology,I find it very interesting.


Switerzland Mythology
Unit:Neutral Giant,nobody can’t attack him


I would go with global mythologies since there are still plenty to choose from. My top picks would be Mesoamerican (Aztec or Maya), West African (Yoruba or Vodun), and maybe Mesopotamian.


I would stick to solidly death religions. One or two jokers that consider themselves the last followers of Ra don’t matter, but a concept like this for instance:

There are going to be people who find that offensive. A game in which you kill Jesus, that’ll rocket it straight past GTA in the “my kid can’t play this” top 20.

And even if they didn’t find it offensive initially, they might still consider it an sign of poor taste if someone posts a video of Buddha and Mohammed ganging up on Jesus. A thing that could happen because the option was provided.

Not every religious person is the same in this aspect. Not even every religion and culture is the same. In the Far East there have been a few hit tv series based on myths in recent years, while one could imagine such a thing might be received less well in for instance certain Middle Eastern countries. So I’d draw the safe line: dead religions only.

If they really to include stuff from times and regions where they had currently still popular religions stick to folk tales or at best quasi-religious/less sacred stories. Saint George the dragon slayer might work. Jesus will not.


Global Mythologies would be my preference but I can’t help but want a spiritual successor or re-realse of Rise of Legends. Overall I’m not too tied to any particular concept. Age of Empires with a touch more fantasy is what I’m looking for.

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I would suggest a DE version of the AOM while adding extra cultures, mesoamerican, mesopotamian, polynesian, Japanese etc, while enhancing existing gameplay. It would be a bad idea to add contemporary religions (Abrahamic faiths and Hinduism) because it might cause unintentional offense to their followers, who may may sue the developers and publishers and what not.


Greeks gods, Scandinavian Gods, Egyptians

to rework : Alanteans (Titans seem paradoxal) and chinese gods (the chinese were a joke litteraly).

to add : - Mesoamerican Gods, Quetzcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc etc.
- Minoans Gods, the horned ones
- Celtic Gods, Ana, Dagda etc.
- Mesopotamian Gods : Enlil, Baal etc… Adding the Gilgamesh epic.
- Punic Gods, Taanit/Astarte etc…
- Why not adding romans with a rework of the greek gods and the Aeneid.
- Indus Valley Gods.
- Japanese gods.

lmao, make him out of cheese or chocolate while we are at it XD but you could have the swiss guard as units and for a hero they have the story of willhelm tell, a “rebell” with a crossbow. possibly they have the unique building banks like the dutch in AoE3

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Slavic mythology would be quite interesting. The only problem I see is standardizing in some Slavic cultures one god is good while in the others its bad.

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I would love to see Mayan/Olmec (aztec is medieval) , Sumerian/Assyrian, Indian, Chinese (a proper one, not the crap dlc), etc.

I just want them to update the graphics and add the server based matchmaking and DONT DO ANYTHING ELSE. When they add new civs it tends to be a game balance disaster. It happened in both AOE2 DE and AOE3 DE.

I agree, the game desperately needs a DE make over to make it more attractive to play

That would be boring without new civs especially for a sequel. Well balance takes time.

I also would love to see a DE remake of AoM!