Age of Mythology Retold release date or gameplay trailer date?

Is there anyone who knows the release date of the game or at least the gameplay trailer date? Please share your information… Rumors also would be welcomed.

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No real new informations yet but rumours say that there could be something at E3 this year maybe and some even think it could be released end of this year which would be nice but quite a bit early for all the updates the game more or less needs

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My release date guesses are always bad, so hope it’s earlier :smiley:
I guess… Summer 24

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24th day of northern hemisphere would be july 15th

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I think 2024 is the answer


The real question is “When are we gonna see/hear more?”. Right know we just know it is being made, and haven’t received any information on what changes or new additions are being worked on, nor any declaration of what to expect (in terms of remaster vs rework).

Edit: Why the F did the site censor my original comment? :rofl:


Probably E3 or Gamescom
And a release date around October because if i remember correctly every definitive edition released around that time

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I really hope it drops this year…


I think they will show it this year & maybe we can play beta test but they will release it next year

I think they will release it now in September or October and at the end of the year AoE 4 on consoles…

I seriously doubt we’ll see or hear anything before the Rome DLC for 2 comes out.

Right…maybe they’ll announce something for E3 in June or Gamescon in August…

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I hope this is not a Metroid Prime 4 marketing strategy

*They died of disgust waiting…

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well, 2 and 3 DE were announced at gamescom 2017, so maybe i’d say 2 years of wait, then again, we don’t know how far in development it was on day of announcement

Yes, but I think they will release it this year (that is, the 20th anniversary of The Titans)…

that would be pretty neat, just please, correct the chinese abomination

The chinese abominion will be replaced by another civ or completely reworked and overhauled (starting from a different historical period and 3 different major gods).

Chinese rework is going to have and maybe add the Aztec…

I’d love a rework. I don’t hate the idea of a chinese civ, but TOTD is just a poorly made mod disguised as a DLC. It does its subject matter such a disservice by being crap.