Age of pro scout - Delete it please

Hi there, I didn’t get why such a tech like this even exist ? It completely breaks the metagame at the moment. Almost all the CIV are playing with pro scout because it’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too strong. There is no other possibility to do early games and they are all mirrors of the others. You nerfed age of springals and that’s awesome, please, now it’s time to take pro scout in consideration and delete it. Even with a nerf, having a lot of food directly under our TC is far too strong. And I don’t talk about the underlying fact that this tech gives you a better vision than you opponent on the map.


Good! Work out another strat haha

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The only part that I think is stupid is the enemy running under your mill with 5 scouts to steal the deer you are currently gathering from, I dunno the answer, maybe you can only grab what you JUST killed so you cab just kill all the deer and now they can’t grab them it’d help fix that.


This is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen. Epic meme potential! Scouts stealing deer from under your nose while villagers are gathering them.

Another one being building a stone wall all the way to your enemy’s base and walking your army over it to there while your villagers are building the wall.


Yes I think also this is the meta right now and is overperforming. There is no counter play to professional scouts. The obvious adjustment to allow for some form of counter play would be to have the scout be slowed down in movement speed by say 20-30% when it is carrying a deer carcass so that horsemen or archers have more of a shot at catching them. Sounds like an easy adjustment right.

This of course could or couldn’t be on the balance teams radar, who knows but it certainly needs looking at. Wouldn’t expect a change for months even if it is on their radar though unfortunately.


Before asking for nerfs I think we gotta consider that the meta is still evolving and pro scouts haven’t been going on for too long, at least not not that many civs using it, except for civs like Rus.
At the moment it does look too strong specially if you combine with some civs strategies like the Rus FC since they can be there in 8min and spam cav archers, Adding a speed penalty to scouts carrying carcases sound like a good adjustment though. I still think it might be worth to wait as counter builds or just better builds could come along later.


unless they’re gonna buff Rus, right now I’m against nerfing pro scouts since it’s their only viable strat


in fact this tech was going to be originally in the early game , and i dont see this tech being that op neither in the late game.

its op for the rus. but for other civs?? in late game you should have like 24 farms lmao (this is how i play and in late game i normally have 50k of food minimum)

ok but games vs AI don’t really serve as a good example of the tech being used.

Right now, almost all civs use this tech but again, for most civs it’s just an option for the fast castle strat but I feel like for Rus it’s a necessity because of how weak the civ is without the fast castle

Rus, mongole, Fr using it quite a lot and china too recently. Others civ are mostly not played at hight level right now (except briton)

I think I worded badly, when I said not many civs using it I meant in the past as this was mainly used by the Rus. Now recently it has become meta for almost every civ.

I think this is a great option. Keeps it viable but at the same time discourages players from going to the other side of the map to steal the opponent hunts.
I think that the hunt stealing is the main issue that is forcing players into using it.

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I think stealing hunts is a viable strat, and there is no need to nerf it … i would like to see it buffed and be able to cary boar carcas with a speed minus of 30% from base stat.

I think it’s a good tech and it creates an interesting strategic decision regarding your early source of food. Do I go pro-scouts and get deer under my TC or do I go with one of the other options.

It is rather expensive and at 1400 ELO I don’t see many players using it. It’s 275 gold, plus TC time not building workers to get enough scouts out to transport the deer. It’s an auto-take for Rus but that’s fine.

I don’t think it’ll stay meta for long because it’s so expensive to get but if pros do continue to use it with every civ just increase the cost until the right balance is found.

Like the viper said, picking up the meat should take 2-3 seconds and speed should be lower while carrying the meat to allow counterplay, it is very strong atm but I wouldn’t call it OP cause every Civ could do it.


We gonna call every personal opinion ‘age of …(fill in random complaint)’ now?

It’s not OP, just not what youre used to. Give it some time for maybe some subtle improvements but overall I love this ability. Brings some early fun to the matches.


Personally as a viewer only, this is hilarious and makes for interesting spectating. I havent seen anyone steal from gathering vils yet, but I will watch more to see this happen.

A speed nerf would be fun.

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maybe you should do the stealing then

Fortunatly you are not in charge of the balance ahah. This tech is considered too strong by the top 1% since, at least, the Genesis ^^

The biggest issue with it is there is like no counterplay.

I don’t think the tech needs to be nerfed, but either like scouts move slower carrying deer, or they drop deer if they take damage or even just making it so you can’t take deer that are being collected from, just to give the opponent options.

Right professional scouts is a big reason why France, Mongols, Rus and to an extent China are so strong right now.