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This is a mod that adds more modern units to age of empires 3. It unlocks an “Age 6” with a World War 1 atmosphere.

This is my first time working on animation files and retexturing. I’m not good enough yet to create new 3D models, but one day maybe, with zepplins and real tanks… ^^

Some screenshots of a scene made on the editor with the new units and buildings:


Wow, I had no idea this existed. Thank you, I have to check this out!

Great mod, but are there plans to make some kind of equivalent Age VI for the other civs? I know it’s unrealistic but this mod leaves them in the dust and it would be cool if something similar could be done to bring them up to the same level.

this is fantastic, lacking words to describe properly

great work

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I released a small patch to fix some bugs.

-Fix the bunker placement bug (could be placed near enemy town centers and outside the treaty start area…)
-Increase the cost of the Age VI (8000 food and 8000 gold) to avoid skipping the imperial age too quickly
-The Heavy Ship technology no longer appears before age VI in the docks

All civilizations have access to age 6. Europeans, Native Americans, Africans and Asians.
But I agree it’s a little weird that they all have access to the same units.

Dont know if the legacy models we have are good enough quality for 3DE, but i could lend you one and see ?
If it works, we could handle out a deal ^-^

It’s War of Liberty? I remember you posted the beautiful cannon animation on discord :hearts:

I plan to take a modding break. It takes a lot of time and I would like to get back to what I really like about AoE: scenarios. (and besides that I will have more important personal projects in 2023)

Thanks, but I decline the offer.
I’m waiting for the day when the WoL team will make their WW1 mod for the definitive edition. It will happen one day. Even if it takes 10 years. I made this makeshift mod to wait for the day when it will happen. They have 1000x more experience and talent in modding than me.

I don’t even know if I will have the time and courage to improve my mod. If I manage to maintain it, despite the official game updates, it would be good enough. So I don’t have the time to try the compatibility of models between the legacy game and the DE (especially since the anim files gave me nightmares during the creation of my mod :sweat_smile:)


I can make you sure, we as the team will not do that xD

Okay xD

In that case, when I have the time and motivation again, perhaps, I’ll ask you for this ^^

Now there’re pickelhaube ingame after the PUP release!

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Yes! Can’t wait for the new update!

I’ll have to update my mod when I have time (so not right away).
I’ve already got ideas for making infantry skins for the English (with the German explorer’s hat textured in metal to make a Brodie helmet), German (with the pickelhaube), French (close to the current skin but with more blue) and Russian (very close to the Northern Musketeer).


If there was a DLC for AoE 3 adding a brand new “sixth” Age to the game, I would be the first person to buy a preorder.

The content spanning the Victorian Era (1836-1936) deserves a game of its own - although the warfare specifics of the era would suit the new Age of Empires: Age of Wars sub-series.

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1ww games series (Verdun, Tannenberg and Isonzo) are great media to pick historical accurate uniforms.

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Update !

3 new skins:

British (also for Indians and North americans)


And a hybrid/default skin for Asians and Native South Americans:

And I repost here the default European skin:


I give a try today and what a mod mate …fantastic in every aspect … If they can add planes will be great as well.
Some cons are the big cannons I cannot turn in a specif direction

But I have a great time …

Now Im gonna look for some good maps .