Age of WW1 - The Great War Era

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This is a mod that adds more modern units to age of empires 3. It unlocks an “Age 6” with a World War 1 atmosphere.

This is my first time working on animation files and retexturing. I’m not good enough yet to create new 3D models, but one day maybe, with zepplins and real tanks… ^^

Some screenshots of a scene made on the editor with the new units and buildings:


Wow, I had no idea this existed. Thank you, I have to check this out!

Great mod, but are there plans to make some kind of equivalent Age VI for the other civs? I know it’s unrealistic but this mod leaves them in the dust and it would be cool if something similar could be done to bring them up to the same level.

this is fantastic, lacking words to describe properly

great work

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