AI has weakened

Now AI prefers to adopt defensive behaviors instead of offense,Even if the reign victory condition is not opened…
In the old version, AI will concentrate Rush, and now they have completely lost their threat


Agree. The AI has been less agressively designed since the update for season 7. Previously, the absurd AI has clear advantage over players in the beginning of a game and has been attacking the players sufficienctly frequent. However after this update, AI does not seem to initiate any effective attacks and people have to wait hours before AI even initiate their first attack. As a PVE player I am very disappointed with this update as none of the existing tuning packs can resolve this issue. We need more aggressive AIs not defensive push overs only with lots of resources.


Same thought here. Looks like the patch 10 broke the AI rush capabilities on the first minutes of the game, also by playing only with landmark condition in which the AIs should prioritize rush strategies. Now they only sit and mass armies to advance age

Game is now very dull, AI is basically pointless to play against now.

Yes, you are right. Same situation here

Same for me :face :frowning:

Any solution for this? Me and my friends enjoyed playing against several absurd AIs, now the game is dead for us basicly. It is way too easy, feels like playing against children.