Along the history of medieval Iberian peninsula, many of the territory was controlled by Islamic peoples, both Arab and North African, and the states they ruled were varied, although they shared a number of common cultural traits. The region mostly controlled by these peoples was known as Al-Ándalus (Andalucia in our era). Because of this varied chalice of cultures, he decided to propose a concept of civilization that unifies these peoples.
Umayyads was one of the first great caliphates and invade the Hispanic peninsula with a large contingent of Berber auxiliaries. They were known in the Iberic peninsula as the Moors. After a few generations the Umayyad Califate of Cordova underwent through some changes and little by little it fragmented and left small states like the Taifa kingdoms as successors. The was the rulers of middle east before the Abasí rebellion, that event caused his exile the Al-Ándalus.
The principal successor of the Umayyads was the Almoravids, Almohad Empire and Nasrid Kingdom of Granada. As time progressed the Berber presence became more and more prominent. The Arabs had become more peaceful and cultivated a lot of science, culture, and religion.
After requests for support from the Andalusians, the Almoravids arrived on the peninsula, but they were more rustic, fanatical, and generally hardened by the desert, so the fight between Christians and Muslims was revived as at the beginning of the Al-Ándalus.
Since a large part of the population were Christian servants (Muladis) they have no impediments to hunt. There were also Jews, who were few, but played an important role in trade, medicine, and were moneylenders. Many Christian soldiers figth as heavy cavalry under the name of Farfanes (Christian servants dedicated to military use).
Despite the fact that the region was prosperous thanks to agriculture, sheep farming and flax cultivation, what produced the most wealth was the artisan trade.

The name “Moors” has been proposed for this civ, but I don’t see much point in using an exonym and the saga itself has been leaving that trend aside.

Alcazaba: Buildable upgrade over a town center, not only does it become stronger and with better attack, but it can train haras, spearmen and archers. Every time a villager goes over his resource limit, he produces 2 gold.

+Every researched technolgy produces a villager.
+University tech 40% Cheaper.
+Fortifications builds 25% faster.
+Trading units cost 15% less.
+if another player researxh a technology, the Andaluci player reseach that tech 20% faster.
+Light cavalry (Haras) 10% cheaper.

Many Andalucians were Christian servants so, they can hunt any animal and have no livestock limitations.

Royal Alcazar of Seville: Is like a house with 20 of population but shoot 2 arrows and can garrison units to shoot more.
Giralda: Tower with great line of sight, stealth detection, and small aura of regeneration around.

Alhambra: Most powerful version of a keep that can receive any resource from the villagers and can train harass simultaneously in groups of 3.
Córdoba House Of Science: A better version of a Madrasa, their technologies are the same of the university but better and more expensive (for example: Chemestry increase the gunpowder units damage in 25% instead of 20%, but increases the cost from 300 of food and 700 of gold to 450 of food and 900 of gold). If a normal version of a technology is already researched, the house of science deducts the already spent cost of its upgraded version.

Mosque Of Córdoba: Like the mosque, but trains imans 40% faster and reduces the cost of mosque technologies in 30%.
The Golden Tower: Garrison 10 of population as a house and can receive any resource from the villagers and this causes it to produce 5 gold each time a villager leaves their cargo in the tower.

Haras: The haras had many roles in the caliphate, security personnel of the califa, tax collectors, shock cavalry, raid, and intimidation. This units are very similar to the Horseman, but with better armor and bonus against villagers and economic buildings.

Zenata Genitour: Zenata are the variations of the name that a group of Berber towns received during the medieval period. This referral to light cavalry that it was common in the south of Spain and in Morocco, using the javelins as principal weapon. This unit have bonus damage against other ranged units.

Horse Archers: Berbers and Arabs use this type of light cavalry and this unit must be shared between other civilizations.

*This civilization doesn’t have acces to camels because Al-Ándalus was dry, but isn’t a desert, so the camels never survive too well there*


  • Spearmen
  • Man-At-Arms

Archery Range

  • Archer
  • Crossbowmen
  • Hand-Cannoner
  • Zenete Skirmisher
  • Cavalry Archer

Haras (Replace Ligth Cavalry)

Siege Workshop

  • Springald
  • Mangonel
  • Trebuchet
  • Culebrin
  • Cannon


  • Archer Ship (Dhow)
  • Incendiary Ship
  • Springald Ship (Baghlah)
  • Warship (Xebec)


  • Desertic Endurance: Mounted units gains 10% more HP (except lancer).
  • Jizya: The Alcazaba gains 1 of gold more per villager that deposits resources in it. This refers to the tax paid by non-Islamics, which in the region were not few.
  • Farfanes: Lancers 15% cheaper.
  • Andalucian Artesany: Trading units produces 5% more gold.
  • Agrarian Uumayd advancements: Farms regeneration is 50% faster. This refers to irrigation techniques and the introduction of crops such as citrus.
  • Al-Zahrawi Encyclopedia: All all forms of healing work 35% faster. This refers to studies of the surgeron Al-Zahrawi, one of the best from middle ages.
  • Collection of Simple Drugs and Food: Farmers work 10% faster and mosques and madrasas gain an aura of healing. Andalusian botanist was Ibn Baitar wrote this book, is an alphabetical compendium of plants from the south of Spain and the north of Africa and recipes to everyone.


The architecture of the region is a mixture of Arabic and North African art, which gradually acquired peninsular influences. The use of straw in the elaboration of its brick blocks gave a yellowish tone to buildings such as the gold tower, although in general its buildings had warm colors, ceramic tiled roofs and fairly well-kept patios and gardens.

Possible Flags






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About the Horse Archer part, as you mentioned it being shared with other civs, it would most certainly no longer be a unique unit of the Rus, which would be good to know because as we all know, other civs historically deployed archers on horseback. I can imagine for example that the Chinese and Persians would both get access to this unit.

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I personally think it would be cool if they made the Spain/Iberian civ’s religion dynamic. It would be historical given they did change in this time frame. Either Islamic in Castle and Catholic in Imperial (when you get access to conquistadors). Or have two landmarks in Castle, a monastery and a mosque with the civ feeling way different depending on which one you build.

Its an interesting idea, but I prefer mantain Spanish and Andalucians as separated civs (Also Portugal),because they have verry important cultural diferencies. Also, the Andalucians was in a big part, allways catholic (The Muladis population).